Below the line (BTL) is the term used for a type of advertising campaign, which consists of using non-massive communicational forms aimed at a specific segment, making use of resources such as surprise, creativity, novelty, and the sense of opportunity. At the same time, innovative channels are created to convey the desired message.

These acronyms are often used in articles on advertising and blogs, to name certain types of advertising campaigns.

Within BTL are promotional marketing, direct marketing, and relational marketing, the latter covers public relations, sponsorships, merchandising, and others.

Some argue that BTL advertising is one that communicates through the media; this is not entirely true. The decisive element to define this type of strategy is the target audience to whom the message is directed and the creativity invested in developing it, not the means used.

Suppose we need a fence as a traditional means of communication to convey a message, if enough creativity is applied in the proposal, then it can be considered as BTL advertising. The most important thing in a campaign is feedback, and the best way to measure the effectiveness of personalized communication is through the receptivity of the target audience.

When it comes to recognized brands, these strategies are usually linked to media campaigns (ATL), while in the case of new businesses or small businesses, they can cover the entire marketing budget. This limited budget is compensated with creativity, surprise factor, and opportunity.

BTL campaigns have generated interactive advertising either by mail, social networks, or traditional media whose objective is the direct relationship with the audience. Both BTL and guerrilla marketing break the rules, resulting in highly creative and ingenious ways, which assume the risks of these actions as positive to establish a closer connection with the target audience.

Why use it in your marketing campaign?

BTL can be implemented using outdoor advertising and creative media of various types that communicate more directly with a specific audience. The motto is to personalize the message according to the receiver to create a closer, more direct, and personal relationship.

In most cases, it is low cost and allows us to establish a margin of difference between the objective and the context in which the target audience operates. We have repeatedly seen the same message in the media, and this is repeated in activities, which implies a waste of both the medium and the message sent to the receiving public.

The conditions are totally different in the two previous cases because it is not the same to show an advertisement on television than to go to the space of our objective and interrupt its activities.

The relationships in BTL are more direct when the actions are carried out efficiently and effectively because its strategies allow a more assertive outcome for the target audience.

Currently, marketing and advertising have had to reinvent themselves on multiple occasions; it comes to offer a new and fresher proposal that breaks with traditional paradigms.

Its creative actions and the new 360° communicational creativity are the basis of marketing strategies. Technology, art, virality, spectacle, walking the streets, and all experiences are unique ideas of new, non-traditional media.

In a society full of information, creativity distinguishes between highlighting or forgetting.


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