Combining online and offline marketing is no longer a novelty because its effectiveness has been confirmed in terms of results in the different corporations that decided to take advantage of the best of both to achieve the proposed objectives.

This technique is well known as blender marketing and seeks to unify the two worlds.

It is proved that this practice generates good results, so it is no longer convenient to eliminate the old formats, nor daily strategies, but rather to take advantage of the benefits offered by both environments to develop these methodologies using tools, formats, and means to conceive a shocking experience in the consumer, that is to convey an original message.

By combining these two strategies in the same campaign, values ​​of a brand are remembered. Consequently, the intention of purchase by users is increased, but how to achieve it?

From traditional marketing to digital marketing

The digital world has opened up unlimited possibilities such as innovative work methodologies, communications, and advertising. The traditional marketing 4P conformed by price, point of sale, product, and promotion has become the horizon of digital marketing and have served as fundamental strategies for blended marketing campaigns.

In digital marketing, you can say that new 4Ps have emerged; they are:


The campaigns and massive strategies came to an end with the new generation of data and the analysis of the same, by virtue of which it is sought to offer the client only the products or services that interest him.

A connection between both parties is created through direct interaction in the commercial and marketing process.


Through it communities, forums, and spaces for frequent online questions are created in which users or potential customers can raise preferences, tastes, and ideas to improve the platform or product, allowing the brand to develop a product more in line with the needs of the consumer and higher quality.

Peer to peer

In this type of marketing, the importance of opinion rises above advertising, which means that recommending a friend about a product is more important than promoting itself.


The new technologies can be monitored to observe and know the behavior of users since through them the results of a campaign can be measured, which leads to designing interesting actions for them.

The balance between online and offline marketing

Before starting to perform the 4P combination of digital marketing, you should consider the following aspects:

To reach the balance between the online and offline environment, you should consider that digital marketing gives you the possibility of a great segmentation of consumers with the intention of incorporating products, modifying prices, adding distribution channels in online stores, personalized promotions, among much others…

It is a fairly economical and measurable medium, two great advantages without a doubt.

With regard to offline marketing, you can implement loyalty cards strategies such as contests and raffles that start online but that ends with discounts and promotions applicable in the physical store, or discounts that are made known in the store, but that must be carried out through the use of social networks.

Another strategy is to make customers share tricks about the use of the product, suggestions, preferences, download images to make them viral about the products in exchange for an offer, that is, change tweets for discounts. The alternatives are as broad as your imagination.

Successful experiences

There are inspiring campaigns that have combined both online and offline strategies; these are just a few examples:

KLM airline

This corporation made the decision to give a personalized gift to each of the passengers on a flight while they waited for boarding.

To choose the lucky one, the company visited different profiles on social networks. Their preferences, tastes, and interests were known. The grateful customers shared their experience and gifts on the networks, which contributed to improve the brand image.

You can see all the videos of the campaign in

Pull & Bear

This renowned store allowed its customers to show on social networks the last thing they had tried in their physical stores in exchange for a gift voucher.

A very easy to use device was placed in the tester so that the products could be displayed which brought a new demand from customers.

If you want to know more about this campaign, click on this link

Walter Crisps

This company conducted a simulation by enclosing a celebrity in a vending machine in London. The idea was to distribute products in exchange for tweets.

Like the best whiskey that boasts on its labels of being a good “blender,” combining both online and offline marketing strategies can lead to the best results.

It is about using all the means and platforms to achieve high levels of segmentation, scope, and conversion, to establish a better connection with the client, and get their best reaction in return. Combine them; you will not regret it!

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