Digital dynamics moves at a precipitous pace. Developers and strategists use all their ingenuity to adapt to technological advances that cover all work areas. The same goes for digital marketing, what was a trend yesterday today occupies a second place giving way to new ideas that set the tone today.

What path will digital marketing take?

The lines are varied. It is moving towards the consolidation of strategies focused into audio and video, purchases from smartphones, or the power of influencers.

Logos change appearance; they tend to be more minimalist where color and adaptability to the device prevail.

Responsive logos

The useful applications from the smartphone make this device a fundamental tool for the population, especially among young millennials; but other types of devices such as the tablet or the computer are also used.

Electronic equipment has defined characteristics, so that graphic designers are applying the technique of responsive logos: changing them to adapt to the reproduction device to improve the quality of images, readability, and persuasion.

Large firms such as Nike, Disney, and Coca-Cola change their logos according to the gadget on which it will be exhibited. For example, in Disney publications for mobile devices, the letter «D» is reduced. The challenge is that the modifications do not should affect the brand and that the user can identify it despite these graphic variants.

Video marketing: an upward trend

Videos occupy a privileged place in marketing campaigns because the visual content is impacting social networks, attracting the attention of the entire population.

A clear example of this is Instagram. This company launched an IGTV application that allows viewing videos upright for up to an hour.

This innovation has contributed to improve the user experience and has generated new marketing strategies. IG is one of the most important social channels on the web and if it is betting on the video, you have to take this opportunity.

The HubSpot digital platform placed on the market an application called HubSpot Video which allows you to host up to 250 videos to play on the internet, with tools to connect with the user such as forms or buttons (CTA).

Influencers marketing

Increasingly, influencers encourage followers to integrate into the world of digital marketing. The big brands for several years use the image of these talented leaders, able to attract attention, create controversy and then make a trend.

What is the trend in digital marketing?

Best quality contents

Digital marketing is aimed at excellence, no matter the format, the content must have relevance and quality with few weekly updates.

The objective is to improve the image of the business or of the person, in addition to guaranteeing the positioning in the search engines of the future.

Offline marketing vs. online

Everything indicates that companies and independent individuals will increasingly have to integrate with virtual media to increase customer demand.

Young people are more inclined to use new technologies using the internet for all kinds of activities such as requesting a home, buying tickets to the cinema, making payments and transactions, responding to a test, planning an outing, sustaining a relationship or download music.

Another advantage that can lead to joining the trend is geolocation through search engine publications, a tool that Google has been implementing focused on showing the results according to where the user is located.

The customer now has the power

Digital marketing aims to increase interaction with customers, a more focused approach to sociability to gain the appreciation and respect of customers. The competition on the internet to catch demand must respond to requests and provide the best product and service to the user.

The client no longer follows the company; the company is the one that must follow the clients to discover what they want and know how to please them.

The new trend contrasts with the traditional one because now the approach is more relational than transactional.

Mobile devices: the new leading segment

The formats for mobile devices are currently trending. A website with design, speed and quality images is of no use unless it can be view on a mobile device.

That means losing a good amount of effective visits that could boost the product or service with purchases, interactions or simply sharing with others.

Designing a website adapted to mobile telephony in content administrators such as WordPress is an effective and easy way to implement a strategy.

Big data

The construction of digital assets is a concept at the forefront whose objective is the collection of data from digital marketing to understand clients better.

An example of this is the free applications for smartphones to obtain personal information from users and detect consumer trends, which in the future, can form an asset when these data are aligned to a specific sector.

These are basically some of the trends in digital marketing, although at the pace of technology they are only predictions of the near future since every day the changes are more vertiginous and adapting to it will mark the difference between the success and failure of many ventures that they join the digital world daily.

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