Achieving business success is a real challenge, and at the same time, it implies taking risks and a real commitment to accomplish the objective. Many are encouraged to face this professional challenge, but not everyone succeeds.

The digital era demands a great effort on the part of the entrepreneurs, and among the inconveniences to overcome are the sufficient competences and resources to implement an online strategy that allows them to position their company in the web market and advertise their products and services.

Currently, having a presence on the internet and making small or medium-sized businesses visible is almost mandatory for new entrepreneurs who must make their way to opportunities to attract customers.

In general, companies initially require external support, but the internet offers multiple tools to automate processes that facilitate small tasks and digital asset management.

Learn 3 inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who applied digital strategies to streamline their projects, turning them into examples of national and international success.

Ile Miranda

Ile Miranda is a young Ecuadorian shoe manufacturer that has achieved a resounding success in his company with her innovative shoe collections and excellent finish. Her designs have marked a trend in fashion, causing a revolution in the Ecuadorian market.

However, the initial steps were not as easy as many thinks, because it had to emerge in the middle of an industry with many limitations. Another element that had to overcome was economic availability.

Ile did not have enough capital to invest; for this, she had to break the mental and economic barriers to continue his initiative.

At first, she only had a small space in her house and a Facebook page to promote the project, but what boosted his adventure was digital marketing that changed her way of seeing and using social networks to transform them into an effective promotion tool and smart to advertise the business.

You can follow her in:

Instagram: @ilemiranda

Facebook: @Ilemirandacalzature

Pet Sitters

The marriage McQuillan of Ireland, founders of the Pet Sitters microenterprise, developed the business in just six years from a simple idea based on a need. This company is currently number one in the entire country in its field.

The formula for success in this company was the creation of a content blog to interact with customers since they had no resources for greater aspirations.

The results were quite admirable: more than 10,000 visits to the website, 30,000 followers on the fan page, with a considerable increase in revenue of 450%. Inspiring, right?

The couple understood that traditional marketing strategies were not going to generate the same amount of customers; there is no doubt that digital technology gives a great boost to new companies.

According to digital marketing specialists, companies that incorporate digitization tools into their strategies can advance twice as much as those that do not use them. In addition, digital marketing is ten times more efficient than other alternative media.

Laura Ribas

Laura Ribas is a businesswoman specialized in marketing and sales. Besides, she is the founder of the Institute of Business Growth. Her company is dedicated to business growth through the application of digital marketing strategies. To this end, she uses her own achievements and knowledge as an entrepreneur in the business world.

She bases her contributions on the experience acquired throughout her growth as a professional in the field of digital technology. She never stops, that’s why her success is always at the forefront by promoting a new course or managing a Facebook group.

Regardless of being graduated in Online Marketing and in the career of Cultural Project Management, she argues that her most valuable learning was obtained «at the University of Life.»

With only 22 years, she managed to position her own brand, after retiring from an advertising agency where she worked many hours a day for little money.

During her stay in Spain, she established a company that finally had to close when the crisis invaded this country. She decided to undertake in German soil faithfully trusting herself and her creative ability.

She is a brave woman who has overcome many obstacles to occupy the place she currently has and to transmit her experiences and knowledge with others.

Also, she has time to manage up to 2,000 followers on social networks, upload texts, videos, podcasts, webinars or e-books. She is immersed in an unprecedented virtual world! Regardless of the format.

This is how she defines herself on her website:

“Although some have come to call me ‘star midwife,’ I consider myself the catalyst for the transformation and expansion of small businesses whom I help grow their businesses, gain power and freedom to achieve their ambitious dreams.”

She always proposes something new, agitating, her irreverence has led her to take great risks, and in some cases, she has even made mistakes, but she has also been able to amend her actions with sanity. Its key is perseverance, thanks to this virtue, it has become a trainer, lecturer, mentor, influencer, and many other things related to the digital world.

In short, Laura helps the business approach, specify objectives and show you the ABC of the entrepreneur in their online courses, YouTube channel, and other free courses attached to their website.

You can find her in:


When you start a new journey, you look at the steps of those who have already traveled a path and, in the digital world, it is good to investigate the stories of many people.

Of course, you may identify more with some than with others, and begin to follow digital entrepreneurs who have achieved success thanks to exceptional work and who have a very inspiring history.

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