To encourage consumer purchases and motivate them to cross the line of indecision, you can apply the point of purchase strategy -also called POP for its acronym-. These are materials or products used to advertise or promote a company. They are small gifts that are given to the recipients to promote the brand or company.

What is POP material?

It encompasses all objects to promote a brand; these are given to potential clients or influential personalities to achieve the objectives and goals set in the marketing strategies of the company. This tactic of delivery of materials brings with it multiple advantages that are reflected in the image of the product, increase in sales, and a reduction in advertising expenses of the company.

In turn, incorporating them into your company implies an improvement in your store since you can count on better materials, devices, and exhibitors that attract customers. Check with the best experts in the market!

POP material is not so expensive and brings many positive benefits to the company; it allows you to send a sales message in which the customer is trapped and motivates you to buy the product.

All of us have been involved in a brand strategy in which they are introduced, has it happened to you? Surely you have been given glasses, frisbee, a cup, a key ring, a notebook, a flannel or any other resource for advertising purposes.

What’s its objective?

There is a whole world of objectives when implementing this strategy but for this you must have a clear action plan, in general the purpose is to cause a recall effect to achieve the positioning of the brand in the minds of consumers.

It’s about seeing a Toblerone shirt every day in the closet, and to remember that you should buy one; it will cause anyone to bite a chocolate of this brand!

What are its advantages?

• Brand positioning.

• A significant increase in sales, as long as the strategies are applied correctly.

• Extremely economical alternative, accessible to small and medium enterprises.

• It is a very old method that uses psychology to catch users and its results are proven!

• They are a perfect complement to ATL (above the line) campaigns.

• You can have the best materials, innovative devices and turn the store into an attractive place.

• Improves product rotation at the point of sale.

• Gives greater visibility to brand information: promotions, etc.

• It allows a better presentation of the product.

• Diversity of options and decorative elements to awaken your imagination!

Does it have disadvantages?

No, but if you do not apply the strategy in a convenient way, you will not achieve the expected results. For example, if you have a women’s clothing brand, you should avoid having your material focused on gentlemen.

Another difficulty that can occur when applying the POP material is the saturation and excess of graphic elements. Consequently, the client loses interest. To exemplify this, you can see in the supermarkets the presence of many brands, so the space is filled with hallway signs, vinyl, stickers, among others.

Keep in mind that the key is in planning strategies; without these, the group of actions you carry out does not work perfectly.

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