The Gen Z or centennials is a denomination used to refer to all those people who were born between 1995 and 2015; practically, most of them opened their eyes to the world at a time when everyone is constantly connected. A generation that has transformed written language from text to images to convey a message, although they are also experts in creating multimedia content. They are focused on the future, they are constantly looking for personal success and they are always aiming beyond a more realistic way.

What characteristics does this generation have?


  Many of the social roles have undergone modifications, but most learned to get ahead in these conditions, they are mature, creative and self-sufficient young people.  


  Technology is essential for this generation as nine out of 10 centennials depend on it for their daily activities.




Patterns and consumption habits of Generation Z influenced by social networks

According to data provided by The Interactive Advertising Bureau, centennials prefer in their consumption habits products such as clothing and shoes by 55%, followed by entertainment activities with 52% and technology with 50%.

These consumers are quite cautious and planned with their income; they are aware of the quality/price ratio, which makes them even more demanding people than their predecessors. It is important to know your consumption habits to take advantage of these potential future customers.

They are connected to the digital environment, understand it and look for all the necessary information about goods, services, fashion products, and establish comparisons between the various brands. In this way, they exert some influence on parents and family members.

When they spend a lot of time in front of the mobile screen, they stop using traditional means of advertising. Of course, to get their attention, you must offer a better experience and quality. But what do they consume most? Entertaining content! When they are on social networks:

They do not feel 100% attracted by current news, in relation to the expenditure of money the products that most arouse your interest when investing your money are:

These young people do not like to be uninformed of the latest market in everything concerning their themes and tastes, so they are fervent consumers of content on Google. If you are interested in capturing this audience, you must achieve a good SEO positioning.

You have only 8 seconds to arouse their interest, so you must be direct and objective in the message. Knowing the behavior of this generation of the future will allow you to generate successful campaigns for them.

Their consumption habits are totally different from people of past generations. You must always step forward if you want to conquer this youth audience and get ahead of the trends! It is a more human generation and worried about what happens in the world.

To relate and feel faithful for a brand, it must demonstrate the same values. Each company must show a concern for the planet and society to add them to its list of consumers.


N/A Consumption patterns that social networks generate in Generation Z


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