We are at a time when digital prevails, but there are some physical tools that have always been useful for companies. This is the case of business cards which serve to capture the interest of potential customers and make your company accomplish a difference in front of the competition.

There are many advantages that this product also offers you that generate a favorable impression of your company. In this article, we mention the advantages of having a business card with all the elements to make it attractive and successful.

What is a business card?

A business card is not a simple card or paper; it is an instrument to start a commercial relationship. It serves as a visual implement to inform everything about personal contact or companies.

Its main objective is to establish business relationships and probably to realize sales; for this reason, when designing a business card, many elements must be taken into account.

Benefits of the business card

A well-developed card can generate opportunities; among other things, it can effectively promote your company. Of course, you must be creative and innovative when choosing the design. This should be attractive and unique that allows you to awaken the motivation of potential customers.

In general, they are exchanged between businesses or people to promote opportunities and establish contact with companies and entrepreneurs. They also allow you to have a general idea about the products and services offered by the corporation.

For this reason, they are strategic in commerce, and in many cases, it is mandatory. It is an effective method to start new sales relationships as it incorporates information of great importance such as your company logo, name of your business, activity, and contact information.

The main benefits are the following:

It gives you the opportunity to start a business relationship.

This tool allows you to interact with other companies and customers in such a way that they can contact you quickly. It constitutes an effective option since the use of your company logo identifies you and makes you known to others, with only one image that also represents the brand.

Business cards should not be created lightly but should highlight a series of elements so that at first glance it stands out. To have a business relationship you must incorporate the following data:



This information is essential for customers or users to have contact with you and effectively use your card, they are data that can not be missing on any card and, therefore, you must review them at the time of design it.

Another advantage is that it allows you to project a positive image of your commerce. The first impression is very important so that your contacts communicate with you; for this, you must create a professional logo with a striking design that arouses the interest of the user immediately.

Remember that, nowadays, to have a successful image is something of the utmost importance to transcend your venture. In the past, a professional logo was an exclusivity of large corporations, and business cards can be interactive due to the large number of materials and textures that give the user a unique experience.

Those who can feel with their senses will appreciate the texture. However, no excess is good, so we recommend you not to exceed yourself in creativity since it can be counterproductive and transmit a negative image; a confusing design can confuse the customer generating a negative effect.

It is well known that we are in a digital era and most businesses have a web page and are linked to social networks. These media can not be missing in your card since they are useful for your contacts to have graphic interactivity with the company.

We are never sure from which social media we will receive a message from our customers, so it is necessary to have several channels of attraction and attention in social networks to have greater interactivity with our potential customers.

The more channels you have, the greater the possibility of obtaining better interactions. How it was clarified at the beginning, business cards are still the most effective way to start business relationships and accelerate the entry of new customers.

Despite so many technological advances, this remains one of the main tools for making the first contact, so it is extremely important to combine print and digital media so that the message arrives directly and at the same time.

They are quite cheap

Having the design in mind and putting it into practice before printing your business cards is an extremely economical process.

If you are starting in the process of obtaining customers, this is the best starting point, but you should know what materials to use. If you are starting a venture, it is more advisable to start with economic material such as opaline or cardboard, check your own budget, and motivate yourself to design your cards, which are an asset within the company.

It is not about printing a number of cards, but about distributing it to potential contacts at a very economical price. You can print large quantities without altering your capital.

Provide relevant and summarized information at the same time

It represents a fast and direct physical way of communicating with you, it is an appropriate easy and concrete way for people to establish contact and remember reliable data of your company. On the other hand, repower your professional and business image as it shows that you invest time and money in your company.

Check the text well and make sure that it does not present grammatical and spelling errors, check that the data and information are correct and up to date. If you have used images verify that they have a good resolution and look attractive, also make sure that the cards are well crafted in good quality glossy paper and that it is durable.

In 786 Group, we design your logos and print your business cards with the greatest originality, commitment, and responsibility, consolidating the image and message of the brand, with the best creative and professional team in the market.

Business cards are still useful.
Business cards are still useful

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