What is a social media marketing plan or social media plan?

The social media marketing plan is a document that establishes the strategies necessary to achieve the company’s marketing objectives. In other words, it includes a well-developed social media marketing plan.

It can be said that it is an instrument that directs all our strategies and actions which will be executed by the community manager. It should be clear that this plan does not only include the contents, objectives, strategies and time stipulated for publications, but also the resources and budget to execute all the activities scheduled and advertising on social networks.

How to prepare a social media marketing plan

To prepare a social media plan, four steps must be completed:

The SMP must be a flexible document, subject to changes or modifications before and during its execution. Possibly during the execution of the strategies appear new tools and social networks that lead us to rethink a new strategy.

Social media plan step by step

To undertake the plan and execute it, you must move forward taking into account the following:

With this guide, you can start preparing your social media plan. Just follow it and then tell us your experience.


Fundamentals of Social Media Planning

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