The idea to dedicate a whole day to eliminating contacts from Facebook was first proposed in 2010 by comedian and TV host Jimmy Kimmel, when he announced it on his popular talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Although the proposal had a certain level of acceptance at first, it generated some controversy in many parts of the world, especially in the public of the United States. So, it took some convincing before the idea could become a national day.

Kimmel suggested several times that everyone should remove those who are not their real friends, or at least the people they don’t know in real life. He also opposed the common practice of adding as many people as possible on social media.

He said on one occasion: “half of the citizens of this country are on Facebook, and many of them have hundreds or thousands of friends. I think this is impossible because nobody has a thousand friends… in fact, if you have 10 friends in your life that’s doing very well.”

What is the real purpose of the National Unfriend Day?

Despite being a joke, Kimmel’s real intention was to tell people that having fewer contacts could lead to safer interactions, both on social media and real life.

But, we have a couple of questions, should we delete all those «strange» contacts and leave only the ones we consider true friends? How many people will follow this trend? Are we going to run out of friends on Facebook!?

The TV host claims that it is a day to reassess the importance of sincere friendship, and deleting all the people we don’t know is a great way to do it. “I encourage you to trim the excess of friends in your life. A friend is someone with whom you have a relationship,” concluded Kimmel.

November 17: deleting without regrets

Even though National Unfriend Day started in the United States, throughout these years it has become very popular in several parts of the world. So, if you’re interested in celebrating this peculiar date, all you have to do is delete as many Facebook friends as you want this November 17.

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t thought about removing a couple of those annoying contacts?

What do you think? Do you plan on celebrating this National Unfriend Day? Follow us and comment on our social networks.


What is Facebook National Unfriend Day and how it was established?

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