Making a good presentation is not easy. It takes preparation and some knowledge of the elements intrinsic to this communication method. But using one format may help with the process. Pecha Kucha is an organizing technique that allows you to manage your time and express your ideas more efficiently.

Here we explain what exactly is Pecha Kucha and offer you some tips on how to master this presentation form.

What is Pecha Kucha?

If you are completely unaware of this method, we define it briefly: it is a presentation style made up of 20 slides, each exhibited for 20 seconds. This means that the whole demonstration should last around 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

So, to deliver a good Pecha Kucha, you need to synchronize the speech with your visual aid. Your presentation should have short content that can be developed in the stipulated time. One key is preparing a summary of all the information you have researched on the subject you selected.

Make a good presentation

Before you start designing the Pecha Kucha, you need to address the main issue: synchronizing your speech with the slides. Try to be as clear as possible with the ideas you want to express in each slide.

Remember, you only have 20 seconds, so any delay or interruption at the time of speaking can cause a loss of harmony between what the public sees and what they hear.

If you are going too fast, make a pause, wait for the next slide and calmly continue. That little break may help you relax and organize your ideas better.

But it is also important to give continuity to the presentation, so if you want to keep talking, you could tell some anecdotes during the transition between the images.

Focus on the visual

The slides serve as a visual guide for the public about the topic you’re presenting. For this reason, they should show more images than text.

If you use too much text, the public may think that you are prepared or you don’t know enough about the subject, so you need to read from the slides.

Use the automatic slide show

Many people find it difficult to use tools like Powerpoint and similar programs, but once you get used to them, they allow you to automate the transition between one slide and the other.

Set the transition time according to the Pecha Kucha style, 20 seconds each. This way, you don’t have to worry about changing them manually. And if you get a little far ahead, you can still jump to the next one.

Practice your presentation

To recap, try to synchronize and coordinate your demonstration with the images. Your speech must be in tune with each of the slides. It is also important that you look at the screen as little as possible to see if the next one appeared. Looking constantly at the screen may cause you to lose your rhythm.

The key to making a great Pecha Kucha, and any other kind of presentation, is practice. Use your own words, try to remember the main ideas, and practice your speech again and again, until you feel satisfied with your performance.


Suggestions to use PechaKucha effectively


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