Bad Practices: Unexpected Technological Failures

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Technology is advancing at a dizzying rate and thousands of companies are tirelessly researching to make the most of the major new developments. This relentless race has led to magnificent advances, but also to resounding fiascos.

Technological giants at the forefront of exceptional launches have also scored fatal creations with irreparable system errors and have even put products considered a threat to the health of purchasers on the market. 

Unexpected technology issues!


The last ten years were marked by great advances in the technological industry: cars that drive themselves, software that outperforms humans in traditional games thousands of years and, of course, the emergence of mobile devices in almost every aspect of our lives are just a few examples. However, this decade has not been without its fiascos involving big brands.

Technology failures that perhaps you didn’t know about


Samsung Galaxy Note 7: When this smartphone came out in August 2016, it was rated as “The best smartphone ever”. But just weeks after its launch, some phones spontaneously exploded; the problem was its battery and Samsung had to stop production and apologize.

 –Theranos: Theranos was a company founded in Silicon Valley, California, home to many emerging global technology companies in the United States.

Theranos’ CEO and founder, Elizabeth Holmes, said the project would be a technological and medical revolution. She said she had developed a technology capable of analyzing and issuing blood results directly in pharmacies or from home.The company was valued at $9 billion, but in 2018 the project was discovered to be a scam.

Holmes had deceived investors, clients and everyone else who invested in Theranos because the tests were done in the pharmacy using conventional studies and not any technology they had developed.

Windows Phone: Microsoft made a huge release of the Windows Phone. Despite its striking interface, it was a failure because apps weren’t properly developed and didn’t work well. Its definitive end came in 2017 and most of the apps no longer work on it.

PS Vita: Unlike the technological failures exposed so far, PS Vita was an excellent product with excellent reviews and user opinions. However, its failure was in the number of people who bought it, a very small number. In 2019, Sony decided not to continue manufacturing it.

These were some of the most notable failures in the last decade, did you know of any? At 786, we provide you with knowledge, news, new topics, and much more!

technological failures


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