All the brands, shops, and companies in the world are always looking to set trends within their sector and the industry itself, wishing to stand out as the best in advertising.

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Top 4 exemplary campaigns

«Dream Crazy»: Nike, United States


The sportswear brand celebrated the 30th anniversary of its traditional slogan «Just Do It.» Nike’s advertising line has always been to encourage people to follow their convictions no matter what anyone says, and this time the American company wanted to show that this belief still had the power to inspire.

Through clips, the brand told the stories of iconic athletes like NFL player Colin Kaepernick, where he recounted the barriers he had to overcome. As a result, Nike’s stock price rose to an all-time high and the campaign generated $6 billion in brand value, making it the most successful strategy in the company’s history.

«The Truth is Worth It”: The New York Times, United States


In an era when journalism is expected to be free, and when the rise of fake news is at its peak, paid journalism by brands like The New York Times is at risk. To combat this trend, a series of clips was launched showing journalists what is behind each story; those who work hard on investigations to create quality articles in real-time. 

As a result, The New York Times was the only media company to see an increase in its print sales and reach 3 million paid digital subscribers.

«Broadway the rainbow»: Skittles, United States

Skittles, the candy brand, skipped paying for expensive Super Bowl advertising to create a Broadway musical in the United States. The result is a 30-minute musical about how bad advertising can be; they charged $200 for a ticket. The tickets sold out in two days, and the campaign generated more than 2.5 billion impressions, as well as a 5.6% increase in sales.

«Story Sign»: Huawei, China

The Huawei mobile phone brand made literacy accessible to all by creating a platform to translate children’s books into sign language. There are 32 million deaf children in the world, and many of them struggle to read. 

To prevent literacy from being another barrier they must overcome, Huawei created this application that, through AI, allows hearing-impaired children to read accompanied by an avatar called Star. Their app «Story Sign» was rated the best for deaf people and has reached 1.5 billion people worldwide, while their advertising clip received 128 million views.


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