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Customers will always prefer what makes them feel special. If you make your customers feel exclusive with your solution, you will get them hooked faster. Although it all depends on the target you are addressing, originality generates empathy and appreciation; that’s why creative and original business ideas are a must.

Examples of creative and original ideas

Psychological therapy in taxis

Taxi Stockholm is a company in Stockholm, Sweden that has started psychological therapy practiced by specialists, while clients move from one place to another. They also have specific services such as lifts and boarding facilities for people with disabilities, special chairs for children, transport of unusual items such as bicycles, golf bags, among others. Customers just have to make their request, and they get the taxi and driver that best fits their needs.


This business idea is already becoming more common in the world, and there is now a large list of eco-friendly hotels. This one is in Chile. The Hotel Montaña Mágica Lodge is a building located in the Andes Mountains; it was built to resemble a mountain with rooms inside. You can organize expeditions with expert guides, and move alternatively, in Kayaks, mountain bikes, and on foot.

Bartering website

A website that can be started with very little investment is one for those who want to exchange one commodity for another. In Venezuela and Mexico, the people of allow their users to swap baby products. In addition, they provide recommendations on fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, child development and nutrition, among others. It’s all specially designed for enterprising mothers.

Why you need to be creative for business

An entrepreneur needs to be creative not only to start a project but to keep it afloat. You need creativity when it comes to finding channels of dissemination and ways to reach a target audience. And how can this creativity be developed by someone who dedicates his day-to-day life to office life? It is not necessary to sign up for classes or courses, but develop new ways of thinking and looking at the world.


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