Last month it took place Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. However, this year’s conference was virtual, so there were some missing things like the winners of the Apple Design Awards. They were announced a couple of days after, highlighting that they brought «distinctive new ideas to life.» Check out more about the awards, and of course, this year’s winners, keep reading!

What are the Apple Design Awards?

The awards are also known as ADAs; they are special events that take place every year at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Here independent developers show the most innovative Macintosh and iOS software and hardware, but they also present more creative ways to use Apple’s products. The winners are awarded in different categories that vary from year to year. 

The Apple Design Awards existed since 1990, but the first two years, they were known as Human Interface Design Excellence Awards (HIDE). The physical trophy was designed with an Apple logo that glows when you touch it. It is an aluminum cube, each side is 3.9 inches long, and it weighs 55.5 ounces. The cube was engineered and built by Sparkfactor Design. 

The winners of this year Apple Design Awards will receive, besides the physical trophy, the following devices: 

Winners of the Apple Design Awards 2020

Get to know the winners of this year’s Apple Design Awards.

Winner apps

Winner Games

The Apple Design Awards try every year to honor the best within developers and designers, as Ron Okamoto said: «Receiving an Apple Design Award is a special and laudable accomplishment… Through their vision, determination, and exacting standards, the winning developers inspire not only their peers in the Apple developer community but also all of us at Apple.» These Awards are an excellent way to impulse the talent of newbies in the world of the development of new technologies. 

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List of winners of the Apple Design Awards 2020.

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