Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world. Still, just a small part of its users know that they are always updating to improve its services, besides showing new and exciting features. For that reason, in 786 Magazine, we show you what Facebook has been up to!

This is the latest from Facebook

The new updates from Facebook are more about changing the users’ perception and safety on the platforms. They are also improving the business side to give more opportunities and new features to the small businesses that depend on their pages on this social media platform. Another good point with these updates is that they want to show more transparency and authenticity, preventing misinformation through its platform. Check out more about these new updates!

Facebook is complying with CCPA

The CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) grants California consumers rights to control their personal information, especially in the digital world. The CCPA includes ways to know who has and uses this personal information for marketing purposes and gives the option to stop if the data is being used without permission. Facebook is taking new steps to allow businesses to limit how their pages on the social media platform are sending information by using the «Limited Data Use». 

With this, Facebook will process the information about California Consumers, according to the state’s specific privacy laws. There is a downside of this; Facebook does note that maybe businesses may start seeing a dip in campaign performance, with a limitation in retargeting, tracking, and measurement capabilities. But with these new features, if your business is in California, its information and privacy are secure, which will always be important. 

It is looking to advance racial justice

With everything that has been happening in the last months, racial justice has become more important than ever. Many big brands around the world have released clear statements about this and where they stand. Facebook is one of those brands, listing several steps that they are taking into their platform and other products and services. We can find among them the following:

Share publicly your collections lists

Collections lists are a feature on Facebook that allows you to create a list with added items such as links, photos, videos, posts, etc. The important aspect of these lists is the option to revisit them later, and to no forget any of the interesting posts that appear on your timeline. These lists are going to show the setting of who can see them, from everyone to only you; it’s up to you how to control those lists. However, for businesses and influencers, they can offer many interesting aspects on how to use and share them, thanks to the setting of contributors only creating partnerships. 

Fan Subscriptions for Game Streaming on Facebook

Streaming is mandatory nowadays, especially for areas such as the Gaming World. Facebook wants to give a huge push to get more gaming streamers to their platforms. For example, PubG one of the most popular games right now is dropping Mixer as its streaming platform, changes to Facebook. 

The big social media presents new features for the streaming part, like expanding the subscription options allowing fans to support the game financially. They are only available in Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and the US. But Facebook wants to observe other monetization ways during streaming, they are thinking in several ads during and at the beginning of the streaming session. Soon, we will see more changes and features. 

What you didn’t know about Facebook

These are some new options on Facebook that maybe you didn’t know about.

Dark Mode on Facebook

Facebook is the next social media to follow the dark mode trend, which helps prevent more damage to the eyesight. The continuous exposure to the light that digital screens produce can result in debilitating eyesight. To help reduce that damage, the dark mode is the answer. Many new smartphone models integrate this mode into all the systems, but Facebook was one of the last social media platforms to release this option. The dark mode is available for the app and the desktop version. 

Their own virtual reality glasses 

Even when many users know that Facebook is a social media platform with Instagram and WhatsApp under its command, the company possesses many other brands such as the one dedicated to artificial intelligence or the virtual world called Oculus. Here they have developed a new prototype of virtual reality glasses.

They want to present a pair of glasses closer to regular sunglasses, instead of the bulky and heavy ones right now on the market. They managed to reduce the size using a new optical technique, combining different layers of holographic film with an optical folding based on polarization. That way, they can reduce the thickness up to just 9mm. At the moment, it is just a prototype, they are still working on some issues, but the result looks promising; the team has big hopes that the glasses can be finished soon than expected; that way, we can enjoy virtual reality glasses thinnest than ever.

Prioritize news with sources

Fake news are everywhere, and social media platforms are working in ways to reduce them. Facebook is updating the algorithm to show in the news feed first the story that is endorsed, basing the post on first-hand information and written by identified journalists; that way, the fake news will slowly disappear. However, this is a hard task, and they’re still so much disinformation on every social media, but it is a first step to clean the news feed.

Facebook will continue to show new features and updates every week, keep in touch with the Magazine to know all about them. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media!

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