Following our articles about your brand’s identity, today, we are going to talk about the logo, which can portray the name and colors of the brand. Learning how to design a logo is not that difficult, but like every element about your brand’s identity, having the final decision will prove to be a hard task. Keep reading to find out more about the design of a logo!

How to design a logo

Starting a business is not easy and will never be, especially defining identity. Big brands worldwide are recognized because their names and logos, so having the correct one for your brand that represents everything about the business, is essential. 

A logo is a graphic work that will give the first impression to your target audience; for that reason, it never should be taken lightly. With an attractive and exciting logo, your audience will recognize your brand everywhere. Check out this interesting information about the logo itself and how to design it. 

Main elements of a logo

How to create a logo for your brand

Many people think that designing a logo is hard, and yes, it could be, but if you have the right team, tools, and a good strategy, your logo can be what gives to your business fame and popularity. Learn how to design a logo in the following ways!

Do it yourself

Many small businesses don’t have the budget to hire an agency or a graphic designer, so the best course of action is to do it yourself. There are many online tools for this, but you need to do proper research about logos, colors, graphic design, among others, to have a solid base and start designing it. However, like Canva, some websites offer you many good ideas to have a start when designing the logo; don’t be afraid and put your creativity at work!

Hire a graphic designer

Here you will need a reasonable budget; any professional’s services will cost you a reasonable sum. But you will finish with a quality logo that represents everything about your business. Just a piece of advice you won’t control every detail about the design, so maybe you and the designer, or their team, will spend several weeks creating the final logo. 

Create a department within the business

If your business is a huge one, aiming at several branches across the country or globally, the best will be to create a company’s designing department. They will be in charge of every aspect of the different design projects in the company. From your logo to the marketing campaign, they will present several options for you to choose from, and they will always be available and dedicated to your business. 

Tips on how to design a logo

Now that you have the points above, we will discuss some tips on designing a logo and keeping reading to know more.

The essence of the company

This will give a direction to start the design. The logo must represent the brand and its message to the audience. For a logo with all these points, you or the designer must know the company in-depth, its products or services, the target audience, location, and many other details. Having these the logo will represent your brand.

Its message

Every logo out there in the market is sending a message to the audience. This message will reflect the company’s values and goals; this is why today, logos are no longer just a visual representation. The audience must feel the logo and have a close relationship with the brand, all this through it. 

Say no to the trends

A brand’s logo and name must remain in the collective memory of the audience; many brands get to be part of different generations through the years, for example, Coca-Cola. However, to remain for so many years, forget about fashions and trends; they are always short-lived. So the best and perfect logo is the timeless one, but that can be adapted to modern times, with just a few and small changes. 

A logo must be versatile

Versatility is essential for any logo; remember it will be the visual representation of the brand. So it would appear in different places at the same time. Every logo must be scalable, no matter the size the logo shouldn’t lose its proportions, from a small thing like a pencil to a massive ad in the street. 

A different logo

A perfect logo can represent the values and the goals of a company, but it must also show its uniqueness. With it, any brand should be able to differentiate from others; that way, attracting a new audience would be easy. 

With this article, we hope that you can have the necessary tools to learn how to design a logo; after all, this little icon will be the visual representation of your brand. Check out more articles about brands within the Magazine, and don’t forget to follow us on our social media!

How to easily design a logo.

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