These modern times we are experiencing are proving to be straight out of a futuristic movie. Of course, we still don’t have the flying cars or a cleaning robot; but some features are starting to take place in our routines, like voice searches or smart speakers like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. Today we show how to optimize for voice search any website, and what are its benefits keep reading!

Why optimize a website for voice search?

Voice search is here to stay, from smart speakers to home appliances, many users are starting to understand its benefits fully. Check these facts from 2019, one of two smartphone users do at least one voice search every day, and 72% of smart speakers users integrate it to their daily routines. Preparing your website to optimize for this feature is mandatory nowadays, especially because many users want easy and quick answers with just one command. 

Knowing more about voice search 

The voice command search is a speech recognition technology that allows any user to search or ask for a command just with a few words, instead of typing them in a keyboard. With the high demand for smart devices, the popularity of the voice search feature has increased. You can use it with typical applications like search engines such as Google or Bing, play music or videos, make a call, or purchase a product or service, among others. 

In North America, Europe, and Asia, the voice search is now pretty standard, in Latin America is starting to emerge. We can still expect a considerable demand for individual devices, with the integrated feature very soon. So what do you say? Alexa play «Believer» by Imagine Dragons!


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Get to know the smart speaker devices

This device works with an internet connection and integrated speech recognition technology. Any smart speaker can process what the user is saying and act according to the command, from answering to executing an order. Big companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple are leading the market of smart speakers, especially because they are integrating Artificial Intelligence to these devices. 

They start when you say the keywords, like Siri or Alexa; then, the speaker records the command sending it to the company server through an internet connection. Once there, the IA decrypts it and sends a response to the device. All this takes merely a few seconds. The algorithm for these devices is set to become familiar with the frequent commands that the user likes, such as their favorite playlists and videos, to give a more personalized experience. 

Here is where SEO takes a huge part in the personalization, the search or command given to these devices must present organic results. Hence, SEO here is highly important, check how to optimize for voice search your website!


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How to optimize your website for voice search

With the popularity of the voice search and smart devices with this feature, any website needs to be optimized. Read the important keys for good optimize. 

Be careful with the code

The HTML is the structure of any website, but for a correct optimization, you need to work with Structured Data Markup to help different search engines understand the website. This is the part of the invisible code for users, but it helps with SEO and the search engines, especially the voice searches’. If the HTML is correct, Siri or Alexa can know the right answer or solution to any request. 

Rich Cards or Rich Snippets

These cards have many benefits and potential for SEO positioning; many websites are starting to use them to show more striking results. So when you use voice search, the device reads these Cards better to respond to any user’s command. So it would be better if you start to use them in your SEO strategy.

This is a common project of the main search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex. Here they want to unify labeling and structure the metadata contents on any website to help the engines understand the published content. With it, the user experience has been improving, and of course, this includes the voice search users.

The content must sound natural and colloquial

When you type something on your keyboard, the grammatical rules play an important role, making the speech formal, serious, and too dull. But when using voice search, this technology must be adequate for everyday speech. Each region in the world speaks a different language with so many different accents, so if you want to optimize for voice search, you need a more conversational tone for the content. 

Keywords for voice search

In-text searches, the keywords are generally between 1 up to 3 words. Still, for voice searches, this can be complicated, remember using a device specially design for voice commands and with IA is like having a regular conversation with someone. Hence, the best keywords for this type of search are long keywords or common phrases in conversations. 

Local information

This is vital; more searches are working with local results, especially during the last months, so your website works on your local information and not just on Google. Some search engines extract the info from spaces like Yelp or FourSquare, so it always is good to have your local information in different spaces, and all of them displayed on your website. 

A good content structure for voice search

Many websites don’t take care of the structure of the content, forgetting that there are headers and subheaders for this precisely. This technology needs a good HTML markup to understand the content’s importance, from the headline to the headers. 

Questions and answers 

The best way to work with voice search is to create a specific content that works perfectly for voice search format. In this case, the perfect material is the one that has a Q&A section on the website. This section will be what the IA technology will prefer when searching. 

The loading speed of the mobile version

The essential way to optimize any website for voice search is to improve the loading speed of the mobile version of the website. With the correct speed, the IA will consider your content, but if the speed is to low, the IA will never look into it. Implementing Accelerated Mobile page or AMP to your website will increase the loading speed, thus making a better position on the searches. 


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Improving your website’s positioning for voice search will boost your business in general, so don’t doubt to make the corrections and start to work in the content for an excellent optimization for voice search. Keep in touch with 786 Magazine and follow us on our social media!

How to optimize for voice search.

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