LinkedIn is a social media platform that not many people fully understand. This platform was created to help professionals to have a network within their professional world or with businesses. But many users or marketers need to know how the engagement on LinkedIn is and how to improve it. For that reason today we are going to give some useful tips for this, keep reading!

Why is engagement on LinkedIn important?

As with any social media platform, the engagement indicates how users interact with the content. LinkedIn normally offers content directed to professionals, so the engagement becomes highly important. This content needs to be precise and interesting, no matter the topic; that way, users will find them worth interacting with. 

LinkedIn is not like any other social media; here, posts with a link of a blog won’t do the trick. The best is a very detailed post with the correct information that will increase the engagement with users, that are also professional-looking for more information about their area. It’s an excellent platform for businesses to showcase their products or services, detailed behind the scenes and their human resources. Keep reading to find out the best tips!

How to increase engagement on LinkedIn

Here we are going to discuss how to increase the engagement on LinkedIn. Just follow up on our useful tips!

Vary the content 

The best content in LinkedIn is the one that presents a good variety of content in different areas; of course, this will depend on your job, the market, and the audience of your business, among others. But it will be better if you can present content with new data around the business or job, news within the company or your area, infographics are excellent content on LinkedIn use them, and other facts that you considered important. 

Check the format of the post

Professionals enjoy reading good content with long text, but sometimes visual plays an important part here, that long text can be easily resumed with a smart graphic. From a series of photos to an infographic, readers would appreciate the visual element. Videos are also a perfect format for LinkedIn posts that will attract many users to interact with them. 

Study the content of the competition to be different

The competition can be a great source of inspiration, but be careful this is about being original, not to duplicate their formats or content. The best way to improve the engagement on LinkedIn is to present content that has never seen before or one that is presented originally, even when the content is common among LinkedIn users. 

The content must be attractive 

Here you need to work hard to create engaging and original content that will differentiate you and your business from your competitors. So try to present a content that will be attractive by itself, with these characteristics:

Check the comments 

The comments are important; not only they show the interaction, but also they can present the opinions or feedback about the content. Even when LinkedIn is more a professional platform, it’s still a social media one, so comments are the way to interact and know more. When you respond to those comments, it will show several important facts: first, an activity that will increase the loyalty of followers, second that there is a person behind the account, and third conversations can be super interesting. 

The content must be scheduled 

The best way to control the content is to have strategies a month in advance, that way mistakes rate can below, and you can catch important dates for the brand and worldwide. Try to find a good strategy, use digital planers, or have your marketing team. 

Increase the engagement on LinkedIn with these tips will help you to have good content on this platform, remember LinkedIn is a fantastic social network, but it has its own rules and is so different from other platforms. Follow us on our social media to find out more news and interesting articles!

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