Industrial design moves today’s big manufacturers, but one of the best successful companies in the world, that showcase how to present an excellent industrial design is Apple. If you want to know more about why this is so important for their success, keep reading!

What is industrial design?

This is an area dedicated to different processes, where the design is applied to products that are going to be manufactured with techniques of mass production. But here, the most important aspect is the design itself. This will always precede the manufacturer, where the design team will define the forms and features of a product, way before starting making it, that will be a repeated and automated process of mass production. 

Every product needs a design, but there are several processes to conduct this. Companies can have a team or a single person in charge of the design; people within the team can be an expert in industrial design, engineering, business, marketing, and others. But the industrial design team needs to emphasize the importance of creativity, diversity, and scientific decision-making.

The industrial design is an applied art that focuses on aesthetics and user considerations; while providing solutions to different problems such as forms, functions, ergonomics, marketing, sustainability, and even sales. The influence of any design can be from materials to commercial attitudes, but with the business strategy in mind. Many designers say that there are no words to describe or define their work; the products can speak for themselves. In that case, let’s move forward to our next question.

Why is the industrial design one of the keys to Apple’s success?

Steve Jobs was the mastermind behind Apple’s creation and success; some people can say that even when he didn’t finish college, Jobs understood the importance of small details. Apple is a company that has always been concerned about making things attractive, beautiful, enjoyable, and utterly understandable, according to Don Norman, Apple’s former vice president and now director of the design lab at the University of California. 

Jobs returned to the company in 1997, found that the manufacturing process was extremely poor, so he put Tim Cook in charge of updating this part of the process and was one of the best decisions. Cook was the genius behind Apple’s designs; from 1997 to 2010, he was in charge of supervising the manufacturing lines, the operations, and designs of every Apple product. 

Now Tim Cook is the CEO, and the new COO in charge of every operation process is Jeff Williams, who was trained by Cook. Even with the changes, Apple’s manufacturing and industrial design process are still one of the best in the world, presenting products that are visually aesthetic and very enjoyable. 

But it was Jony Ives who made the designing inside Apple so famous, with a great understanding of the design and creating products that fit Apple’s world-class manufacturing system. Jony taught the designers under him this point, so the company now wants to pair up the industrial design team with the operation team to create new products that have that Apple unique design. Only time will say if that was the best decision and the challenges Apple’s design team will face. 

But Apple’s industrial design is definitely what makes the company so popular, and its products best selling worldwide. Continuing Jobs’ vision, Apple wants to keep its industrial design world-class, and we can expect great results. Keep in touch with the magazine through our social media!

Apple’s successful industrial design.

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