Knowing and identifying consumer needs is what can give the key to success to many companies. If you know and understand the different needs that consumers show, introducing new products or new versions will be easier. Today we show the different consumer needs and how to identify each one, keep reading!

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What are the types of consumer needs?

There are many needs out there; here, we will show the most common among consumers. After all, listening to what they want is important.


What consumer isn’t concerned about prices? The economy is not the best nowadays, so many try to save all the money they can. The majority of consumers do some research, comparing prices between products that offer the same, but from different companies. They also want the lowest price available for the best quality. 

This doesn’t mean that every company needs to put prices that will result in losses. Still, if the company can offer different prices, or special discounts, according to specific packages and purchases, maybe it will be more attractive to consumers. Sometimes buying kits with different products is better than buying each product individually, be creative, and smart with prices and offers.

Reliability and Sustainability

Nowadays, many people are concerned about the impact on the environment, and the lifespan of the product they are getting. Many companies are changing their values to those that fulfill a promise of sustainability, that way its image will also increase. Being ready to adapt to changes makes a company successful over its competitors; this is when offering products that can last, and that won’t damage the environment will get you the consumer’s favor.

Reducing fear

Maybe your product is highly reliable and one of the favorites, but people will always want to be sure that they are risking their money. And for that reason, the company’s return policy should be the best, ensuring that consumers’ concerns are all taken care of. People like to feel that they matter, especially when they are spending money.

Usability and Convenience 

Every product or service must be useful and convenient. After all, they are trying to resolve a consumer’s problem or need. When a product is launched to the audience, every company should follow the reception and what are the responses from consumers. That way, companies can adopt new versions to better fit what they ask. That is why the evolution behind so many popular products, like smartphones, has their new features and models.


Nowadays, there is nothing that can be hidden for so long. We live in a world where social media can have a big impact, so playing with transparency strategies to offer all the details behind a product or service is what attracts consumers.

This is like a basic and more important consumer need. Everybody wants to know everything about what they are paying for. Many big companies are also using consumers’ reviews and feedback to show how truly the product functions. It’s a big mistake to try to hide details or extra fees to consumers; it only takes a big shoot out on social media to destroy a brand.


People like control over things, especially things that they are paying for. Subscriptions and customization are the top features for better control over different aspects of the products. For example, this business is getting more and more recognition: subscription boxes. They can go from book themes related to food themes, but the interesting thing here is the control over the subscription, you can decide if you want that month box or not, and in other cases, they can offer several options of boxes for you to choose.


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With customization, several e-commerce sites offer full services of customization of their products; you can get a product according to your preferences. So with this, consumers can have control over the products that they are paying for.

Friendliness and Empathy 

Showing a more human image is what many companies are aiming nowadays; for that reason, empathy and friendliness are necessary, moreover because communication channels between companies and consumers are now through social media. It has become so easy to interact with consumers, all with a comment or a tweet.

So the best course of action is to have excellent customer service, ready to answer to any consumer at the moment. Take, for example, Starbucks; the coffee giant is very well known for answering thousands of tweets every day to its customers.


It’s a key with any consumer! People like to be informed about things around them; this includes products. Many companies are adding blogs to their website to inform consumers about them and any related information. For example, if you want to purchase a sofa, a piece of great information to have on the website is how to decorate the living room according to different sofas that the company is selling. There are many ways to provide this type of information, but rest assured customers like to know more about products. 

How to identify consumer needs?

Although there are many methods to identify consumer needs, two methods are the most popular and used for any company. Check them out!


They are the best and fastest way to understand what customers want and are looking for. Moreover, they are great to know their reasons for choosing your business over others, and what they like most about your products or services. Don’t be afraid to ask strong questions, because this feedback is exactly what products need to be more adaptable to consumers.

Comparisons between your business and your competitors are highly recommended, so you can get intel about customers’ perspectives. After all, these surveys are the answers to how consumers think and act.

Power of Social Media and Reviews

Many customers like to go to their social media profiles to talk about products, services, and brands. But not all of them like to tag companies or brands; it’s just a casual thought. However, with social listening tools, like Hootsuite, the company’s team can be updated on the consumer’s reaction to the product or service.

Social listening is a great way to follow the brand with keywords or hashtags and check precisely what people are saying on social media. Collecting this data and studying it will give you answers and new courses of action to make corrective changes that can be very helpful to the brand. Remember, a brand can be destroyed through social media!

Another great tool to know what customers think of the brand or product is Reviews. Many online shops have the option to give a review of the product; that way, the brand gets to know first hand how the consumer’s experience was with the product or service. There is a lot that can be obtained through these two powerful tools.

Learning consumer needs is just the first step of a long journey to be a successful brand. But it is full of satisfaction and great knowledge. Get to know more exciting information about businesses with 786 Magazine, and don’t forget to follow on our social media.

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