The entire globe is facing hard times while fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. This virus has affected so many industries, workers, and global economics, but at the same time, new opportunities are appearing. This doesn’t mean that it is not hard for those areas, but they are presenting new ways or products to fulfill needs. Check out how animation is resurging in the middle of a pandemic, and what can offer to the marketing world!

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What is computer animation?

Animation is a vast field, but animators nowadays use main tools as computers, and other digital devices to create their projects. They say that animate is «to give life to,» so they took an image, drawing or object and brought them to life by giving them personality and movement, all these while using specialized software. 


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There are two types of computer animation: computer-assisted and computer-generated. The first is typically two dimensions (2D) what we normally can watch in a cartoon story; the characters are drawn by hand or with digital devices; this includes details and environments. But the last is more complicated because it is three-dimensional. The names and details don’t come from a drawing. They are modeled on a plane with an X, Y, and Z axis, plus animators use mathematical algorithms to give life to them with tons of effects. 

Animation has improved a lot with the new technologies, and some big animation studies have participated in this improvement. But this improvement has also served for special effects and computer graphics (CG), that can be found in so many movies, shows, and even advertisements. The marketing world is no new to this. Many important ads have used animation or CG to give more power to the visual aspect. So, animation is a field that has so many to offer, even when the virus is affecting everybody, animation is changing the rules!


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Opportunities for animation during the pandemic

Animation is one of the areas of the media industry that is stronger than ever! Yes, it has faced hard challenges like everybody else with the COVID-19, but it turns out that animation and VFX are the fields that are thriving under confinement. Many animators can work from home; after all, they just need their devices to create great stories. 

Many big studios are changing their fall schedules, many favorite shows, and big movies are being delayed because of the pandemic, all except animations. Cartoons are strong on TV, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network are showing an increase in projects. However, they are not the only ones, FOX now under Disney, continues with the audience’s all-time favorites like The Simpsons. Streaming services like Amazon and Netflix are putting new animated shows on their platforms. 


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The increase in projects is not just with animators and studios; voice actors are also showing how work is increasing. For that reason, actors of small TV Shows are changing to voice acting to keep an income, but they are discovering how challenging and fun can be doing it! Animated movies are still strong. Trolls World Tour is an example of this with excellent results through streaming services. 

The Marketing world understands this, so many TV ads are starting to change to animation or CG. That way, the product, and its message can reach the audience. Plus, animation has always had a highly visual impact, not just for children but also for adults. 

As we can note, animation is the field that is thriving under the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many things that animation and computer graphics can offer to the audience. It’s not just about finding your inner child. Everybody enjoys a good animation show and movie. This industry counts with years of experience, with many countries showing excellent and quality animation material. Find more about different topics with the Magazine, and don’t forget to follow us on our social media!

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