What Is Agritech? A Business Boosted by the Pandemic

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Technology is now a huge part of our lives. It makes life easier and simple, just by helping with the most mundane tasks, but with industries getting more and more recognition, it’s increasing productivity and innovating production processes. Agriculture is one of the world’s primary industries and the oldest human activity as a survival mechanism. But nowadays, it is showing a new tendency known as “Agritech.” Keep reading to find out more! 

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What is Agritech?

Agricultural Technology or agritech is implementing new technologies to every aspect of the primary sector, from the cultivation processes to the distribution and marketing of those products. It has been around several years but is gaining more acceptance due to the pandemic we face. 

Agritech is also used to resolve many of the big problems that agriculture has always presented, from pests to excellent management of natural resources, to present the best ways to continue agriculture in the years to come, using the best of what the technology can offer. It also shows a new business model for small and medium industries, looking for better productivity, efficiency, and profitability in every part of the process. 

This method offers many benefits for producers in every field around the world and for consumers who are changing their lifestyle to one more healthy with natural food. Agritech has been used to promote and give power to the sector; to increase the sustainability of the fields and crops; using clean technologies to respect the environment; having clear and automated recordings and data of every harvest, and new business and marketing possibilities for every producer.

Agritech used technologies such as sensor and management software to process big data about crops for farmers to know all details. Robotics, especially the use of drones for diagnosis and even pollination processes.  Autonomous tractors that farmers and employees can control with a smartphone or tablet programming their tasks; that way, the farmer has more time to do other activities. Biological data to make genetic and molecular discoveries and changes. All these are just a small part of what agritech con offer!

Why does the pandemic stimulate Agritech?

This is an easy answer. Due to coronavirus pandemic, many farmers and workers need to stick to the new social distancing rules and quarantine, so leaving the fields and crops without supervision or stopping the new harvest is a harsh blow to the industry. So Agritech is offering all its new technologies to help industries around the world; that way, it’s easier to reduce risks of contagion while working on the crops. 

As stated above, these technologies don’t need farmers and workers’ physical presence, so every small and medium industry can continue their activities with all the security aspects for their personnel. Another thing increasing the use of Agritech is the accurate data satellites and drones can obtain from crops and fields. The risks and interests from credits and loans are getting lower for farmers thanks to all the information they can now offer to banks and lenders. 

This pandemic is one of the biggest crises from the last years, but it’s becoming one that presents so many new opportunities for everyone worldwide. Agriculture is now accepting new technologies, showing an impulse into the new century, and presenting new methods for a better process. Agritech is stronger than ever, and we can expect new features in the years to come!

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Agritech: the future of agriculture.

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