Smart TVs are now a tool that everybody enjoys at home, but only a few know and understand everything they have to offer. It is not a complete surprise that TVs are showing apps to entertain, and for communications, it was like the next step after smartphones and tablets. Today we are showing the most useful and interesting Smart TV apps to take advantage of your Smart TV.

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What are Smart TV apps?

Many smart TV apps are widely known, from streaming services to enjoy movies, shows, music, and events, to checking your documents and having meetings right from your living room. Many of these apps work under the OS Android, even when your TV is not originally a smart TV, there are now these boxes or sticks that can turn your TV into a Smart TV with only an HDMI connection, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Google Chrome Cast are a few examples of these devices. 

These TVs and boxes now offer many applications while having an internet connection, actually they can be connected to the red at home, allowing us to connect all the devices. The newest models for smart TVs are already coming with the apps integrated, so it’s easy to use them, and also users can browse the internet.

Must-have Smart TV apps

These are the apps that every smart TV should have. Take into consideration that the devices to turn your TV into a smart TV don’t possess all these apps, many come with only the streaming services, but they are the answer to save some money, especially if the TV is in good condition. With this annotation now, let’s get the list!

Streaming Services

Even when the TV can be a very useful tool for many things, now that we are working from home, these devices are mainly entertainment. So these are the smart TV apps for different streaming services.


The streaming titan is getting more and more popular over the years. It’s not only because of their impressive catalog, but they also show original content. This content is full of foreign productions because Netflix is highly supportive of independent productions. After all, the streaming service is the king; they invented the concept almost ten years ago, and now many are following their success. 

Disney Plus 

This service is the answer of the entertainment giant to Netflix, offering not only their content for their main branch Walt Disney Studios, but they also are bringing an extensive catalog from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Disneynature, 20th Century Fox, and others. Disney Plus aims to offer original content very soon, and even they are starting to provide service for other countries around the world.

Amazon Prime Video 

The service is one the most popular nowadays; their original productions take the spotlight among the experts and critics; that way, it’s holding its ground against the other two giants. Its catalog also offers good movies and shows for everyone at home, and one of its plus is that you can check that catalog without having an account to check if your favorites are there. 

Apple TV Plus

The company is taking its shot with the streaming services, but even when they are only starting, it’s offering good content from The Morning Show to NASA Drama «For all Mankind.» They are only offering original content, but their plans for the next seasons are looking quite interesting. It is worth a try on your Smart TV.

HBO GO and HBO Now

Both are part of the Home Box Office company, the one behind the successful shows The Sopranos, The Wire, True Blood, and, more recently, Game of Thrones and Westworld. But each one is a little different: HBO GO is the streaming service for the users that pay the cable subscription, while HBO Now is their service for everyone that pays an account there; mostly, it will depend if you have a cable subscription. However, both are great to have on the smart TV.


YouTube is the favorite of many, but recently the video site has become a place where interesting content can be found. With their new services YouTube Music and YouTube Originals, the site is growing. Of course, you can still watch that funny cat video. But also you can find content for everything, even movies. With the pandemic, YouTube is offering an educational space for everyone. 


If Netflix is the giant for movies and shows, Spotify is the giant for music. With over 40 million songs, you can find pretty much every genre there, also not only the hot artists of the moment, but the platform also shows many independent musicians and artists from around the world if you enjoy music in other languages. You can sign in to your account and access your playlist and library, the same as your laptop and smartphone. 


This streaming service is mainly for video game players, whether amateurs and professionals, many use it to show their gameplay, events, and tournaments. For some users, the service looks a waste of time, but the gamer community is stronger than ever, so many famous channels get lots of money with Twitch. If you are a gamer or enjoy the gaming world, this is the place for you. 

Professional Apps

These are the Smart TV apps that you will need if you want to turn your TV into a tool that offers more than movies, shows, and music. 

Google Chrome

Some smart TVs accept the installation of web browsers, and the king here is Chrome. With it, you can browse the net just like on your computer or smartphone. Of course, a smooth performance will depend on the model of your smart TV. But most Android TVs accept the browser. 

The Weather Network

Some Smart TVs present this weather app, a great and useful app to check in the mornings before breakfast or while leaving for work. It is always good to know the report to be ready in case of some bad conditions. The app shows the weather, but it can also present videos and maps to check the traffic. 

These are just a few of the vast Smart TV apps that are available out there. Mainly it will depend on your TV Model, there is some TV that offers so many more apps, but for now, these are the most popular. Besides, we can expect some changes and more new features in the months to come, definitely looking forward to the next year. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media to check more interesting content!

Recommended Smart TV apps.

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