During the pandemic, everybody is fulfilling the mandatory quarantine, but this has shown an increase in the use of digital devices to entertain all the family at once. So today, we are going to show you the most used apps that the majority downloaded or are downloading right now!

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Most used apps during the quarantine

This virus has produced so many changes all around the world that people are trying to adapt or just to cope up with them, using technology to work or study from home, and to be in touch with friends and family. So we are going to show the apps that many people are using right now. 


It’s a video conferencing app that is allowing people to communicate, have meetings, classrooms, and conferences through their devices. With more than 123 million downloads, the zoom app is the favorite for many people worldwide. Even when its competitors are offering new features, and Zoom is having problems with data leaks, the app is still the number one to many. 

Facebook and Messenger

Facebook is the indisputable king in social media, even when it presented several problems with its users’ data. During this confinement, people have been using more Facebook to share different things with contacts and friends. Besides the main app, Facebook is also offering Messenger its messaging app, which also allows having meetings and rooms, news features that were developed because of the pandemic.


This is the new trend in social media, it is a video app, but the catch is that they must be short. The app is coming from Asia, and even when it was launched in 2016, 2020 has proved to be its year. With the confinement, many comedians and artists are using the app to keep entertaining its audience. And with Asia showing intense and incredible marketing strategies and campaigns over their artists, TikTok has found its place in social media.


The messaging app is the favorite of many users, especially of the Android OS. It offers video calls with 8 participants, and because WhatsApp is under Facebook, any user can go from the app to Messenger and create a room. Its business version has increased its users due to the boost to e-commerce, presenting new features for this version of the app. 


The other favorite on social media, and the other sister of Facebook and WhatsApp. This app is seeing an increase in users thanks to its Live feature. Many influencers, comedians, singers, artists, and more essential personalities are using Instagram to reach more audiences and fans worldwide. Not only is it a great way to portrait their daily lives, but also a great way to be in touch with them. For businesses, Instagram offers many services for different e-commerce, reaching new targets. 


The streaming service has become one of the favorites of users globally, with a vast catalog and products to offer for the entertainment of all the family at home. With tons of movies, TV shows, excellent documentaries, and even concerts, without forgetting cartoons and anime for the small ones, Netflix is the new entertainment place. One of the best characteristics of the streaming service is that many of the content comes from different countries worldwide. 

As you can note, the most used apps in 2020 are the answers while looking for a solution during this quarantine. Our jobs and studies are still there, and this new normalcy is taking more force than ever. Check out more content about the new opportunities during the pandemic, and don’t forget to follow us on our social media. 

Most used apps during the pandemic months.

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