Christmas is a highly emotional season. For that reason, marketing is one of the most useful seasons to design strategies based on emotional aspects. It’s not so challenging to identify with any of the Christmas emotions portrayed on any of the many ads that the joyful season brings. Check out how to transfer those emotions into your brand. Keep reading!

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Most common Christmas emotions

Christmas is a season where emotions like love, empathy, generosity, happiness, and joy are present everywhere. This month is all about being with loved ones: friends, family, and partners sharing the best moments and making memories that will last many years. But there is also the other side, the one with hours full of sadness, loneliness, and yearning for people or things. The use of both sides can generate some excellent Christmas ads. The critical part here is to be creative with them.

However, happiness and want are the most common Christmas emotion. Using ads that show those feelings can result in better engagement. Many big brands are used to present some big strategies during those days, for example Coca-Cola has always present each year new campaigns with Christmas themes and emotions, check out this year ad: 

As you can see, Coca-Cola always delivers a beautiful message with their Christmas campaigns. Moreover, it has become a considerable part of the brand image to expect what they will present every Christmas season. 

Tips to transfer Christmas emotions to your brand

There are several ways to transfer those emotions to your brand during the seasonal days. Check out some points:

Exploit those emotions

Listen, people love to share what is going on with their lives on social media, so pick the best emotions for your brand and design campaigns according to them that can reach a large audience or make them talk about it. If the strategy presents exciting things, the audience will discuss their accounts, and more people will know about your brand. It’s not just to touch them with emotion. It’s to make them talk about how they feel about those feelings. 

Build Up Anticipation

Using emotions like happiness or bringing back an old memory can help many brands to build up anticipation for what is going to show with their Christmas campaigns. Play with some sneak peeks, some spoilers, and even an inside of the campaign can do wonders to the brand, and you are not only using emotions with the audience, but you are also showing your workers’ feelings. 

Personalize Products or Services 

People loved to feel special, so personalizing products and services can do wonders, especially in a festive season like Christmas. Let’s go back to Coca-Cola. A couple of years ago, they launched a campaign where you can personalize their famous bottles with a name or a unique line, since then they have been making this a big campaign, now you can use that same name or line to personalize clothes and even Christmas decorations for everybody.

Reward Loyalty

People like to see their loyalty rewarded. They enjoy products and services for the rest of the year while they want different campaigns. But Christmas called for a remarkable aspect on the campaigns, and it’s all about rewarding loyalty. Many brands use a 12 days campaign with gifts and giveaways to reward their loyal clients, with which you use emotions but not just the clients’ also the brand’s ones.

Using Christmas emotions is not that difficult, but it must be treated with the utmost care and consider what the clients want to enjoy during these days. Emotions can be used all year, but Christmas and New Year are special seasons. 

Christmas emotions in branding.

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