Christmas is all about festivities and time to share with friends and family. But for marketers is one of the most stressful and tons of workload season of the year, not just because of an increase in sales, it’s more about the creativity that every marketer should put on every campaign and strategy. Christmas contests are like a classic strategy but one that still is working, just adapting it to the new times and for each brand, keep reading to find out more.

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What are the Christmas contests?

Christmas Contests are different activities that every business and brand makes and promotes. That way, the brand can be noticed, and we can jump into the festive mood. These contests are not only to try to reduce the volume of the inventory that has been kept after the other seasons, but it’s also a way to engage more audience and to reward the clients’ loyalty. 

Before social media platforms and digitalization, brands must proceed with these contests inside stores and headquarters, everything very traditional. With the benefits of social media, brands can have different contests at once and with exciting dynamics. All of them can be done online and through our digital devices, but that is the main reason why marketers struggle with Christmas contests. Creativity and tons of promotions are a must here!

Because of the different social media platforms, plus websites, online stores, and physical stores, contests can be various types. Check them out:

Tips for using Christmas contests to promote your brand

Using Christmas contests to boost your brand’s image and sales are a great idea, but here we prepare some tips.

After these tips and an inside of what Christmas contests are about, you are just in time to design, plan, and start one with your brand. Good luck with it! 

Christmas contests to promote a brand.

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