Working with teams is not an easy task, but the Holiday season is the perfect time to strengthen bonds, and make them feel that they belong within the company. However, when your team works remotely, it can be a huge challenge. But don’t worry 2020 has proved to be a year of adaptation, so what better than to know remote activities to enjoy quality time with the team. Keep reading to find out more!

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What are remote activities?

These are the activities that can be done through different digital devices and platforms. This year has presented some new techniques, new methods, and new activities to never stop the world’s various processes. Even when working remotely or from home is not new, 2020 has been a year to push forward digital changes and embrace that workers increase their productivity just by being at home!

With these, there have been many challenges that industries had to overcome to keep afloat and keep the process running. But this also means changing the way workers feel, keeping the spirits high, and being part of the organization. Many remote activities are being displayed across companies to help bonding among coworkers and managers. It’s not in any way an easy task, especially if the team reunites people from different countries and cultures. Still, in the end, it’s a winning situation. 

These activities can be of different forms, with several steps. Even one single activity can compromise a few days to be completed. Still, any worker or manager will notice the good mood and even increasing productivity, beside the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to prove all these remote activities.  

Ideas to reward your team with remote activities

First, a couple of important notes to keep in mind when planning these activities. Cultural differences play a huge part in these activities. Nowadays, many teams reunite people worldwide, so their cultures must be kept in mind when planning any move. The other important point is about rewards. People love to participate in companies’ recreational activities. Still, when talking about remotely, activities rewards are the best to attract them, think the best rewards, and put those activities into action. 

A Meeting With Ugly Holiday Sweaters 

A Meeting can be boring if you don’t put some smart ideas into action. What about a holiday meeting where everybody can show their best ugly sweaters to all the team. Give each member a time to be in the spotlight, and then all of the team members can decide who the winner is. Take advantage of all the technology that offers some great features for better meetings through any digital device. 

Their Holiday Traditions

One of the great advantages of remote teamwork is the different cultures and traditions that each member can share. Even when the team is from the same country, each family has rules, so planning a meeting to spend a good hour telling stories about their families and traditions can be an excellent way to bond among them

Are The Team Up for a Streaming Session?

What about planning to stream a holiday movie that everybody can enjoy while sharing their opinions and comments through Telegram or WhatsApp? Even they can program a meeting on Zoom while watching the movie. Many ideas can be done after finishing the film. For example, giving an honest review and the most original can win a prize. 

Fuel that Competitiveness with a Trivia

Holiday trivia can be an excellent remote activity that will increase team engagement and show their work team and competitiveness. Just split the group into small units, schedule a video call, and that day brings the best holiday questions from history to entertainment all around the holiday season. Be sure to give a coveted prize that way, everybody will be excited to participate. 

Secret Santas 

This is the most traditional of all the office activities. Every company around the world plays this. It doesn’t matter if the team are in-office employers or remotes ones. Everybody can participate. However, some rules must be put here. For example, the budget for this with a limit, of course, and deadlines, is the key factor in having a successful secret Santa. Actually, this activity, when it involves real gifts, is better to start planning in November. But you can also put postcards or videos to exchange the chosen day. 

A Face-to-Face Meeting

If the company can allow this, why not fly every worker to a specific destination, or bring the remote workers into the Company’s Headquarters. That way, remote and in-office workers can enjoy building a better professional relationship. Even productivity can increase after this meeting. 

Gift Card Exchange

Let’s be honest, sometimes secret Santas don’t work because it is hard to know the likes of everybody. Sometimes these gifts must be a little personal, but a Gift Card exchange can be perfect for that. Actually, this is pretty easy. Just pick a theme or several form food retailers to subscription service, ask everyone on your team what are the best companies to get a gift card, and then they can purchase one. On the day of the exchange, people will choose a number. After everybody has chosen, the gift cards are revealed, and people can start to say who bought one. This exchange can be done with pretty messages and whatnots. Creativity plays a big part here. 

As you can notice, there are many remote activities to play a little with your team, and let the pressure roll out of everybody. Check out more interesting articles within 786 Magazine!

How to reward a team through remote activities.

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