2020 a year that will be forever in everybody’s minds, a year where we have to adapt to new normalcy, where many lose a loved one, and a year full of challenges. Actually, we are still fighting and adapting to a life where a simple stroll in the park is no longer common. However, 2020 had its peaks. One of them is the solidification of the 5G technology to help improve the networks around the world, and the first step to welcome the new generations of networks. But there are some myths and truths around it, that today we decided to talk a little about them, keep reading!

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What is 5G technology?

It’s the fifth-generation mobile network, becoming the new standard for wireless connections. Although the most important feature of this new generation is connecting devices and objects and machines, they allow having better control over common things like house appliances. This technology means higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, increased availability, massive network capacity, ultra-low latency, higher reliability, and a better user experience. 

One of the things to look forward to with 5G technology is the connection speed that has been increased and the possibility of an ultra-reliable remote control, perfect for critical infrastructure, vehicles, drones, and robots in charge of site supervision or medical procedures. But not all is about important areas and work processes. Having a good time with our devices is an important part of this technology. VR and AR features can be enjoyed with faster and uniform data rates. All these make this generation attractive to users. 

Truths and myths of 5G technology

These are the truths and myths of the 5G Technology, important facts to take into consideration.


The important feature is the speed

The jump from 3G to 4G was about the connection speed, but for 5G is implied but is not the most important feature. With this technology, the reliability, the low latency, and the possibility to keep the speed stable, with several devices connected to the same network, is what makes the 5G so useful.  

The prices will increase

Many users are worried about prices, from the devices that support the network to the monthly bills. However, the market does not look to move in that direction. Of course, any new device that is launched to the market will be expensive. About the bills, well, companies expect that the users make the change themselves to 5G without looking that much to the cost after all the benefits of this technology are worthy. 

Mobile Phone Operators win with 5G

Actually, they are the ones that are investing more in this. Many can be surprised to know how much money they have put into this. To launch this technology, each country and operator must have the resources, and the infrastructure for that, meaning tons of money. Yes, of course, that they need to return that inversion, but it will never be an easy transaction, and many operators can lose a lot here. 

Can we all enjoy the 5G very soon and observe its effects?

No, until June of this year, only 48 countries have some connectivity to the 5G network. Only East Asia can enjoy an almost full connection to it. There are still many things to do, many things to implement before fully enjoying the 5G technology. Moreover, many countries don’t have a 4G connection, so only a few countries like China, Japan, and South Korea can tell us about the effects of 5G. We can expect great uses of this technology with the Summer and Winter Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 (that was delayed to 2021) and Beijing 2022, respectively. 

We must change our phones

Not so quickly, listen as stated above, this technology isn’t available in many countries, so even when companies like Huawei, Samsung, LG, or Apple are launching their brand new models with 5G connectivity, maybe they won’t work with it on your country or location, so be sure that your mobile phone operator offer that service, before spending so much money on a new model, and trust us those are incredibly expensive. 


Ok, after those myths, let’s talk about what really this technology offers and will change. 

More speed

Absolutely yes, this technology offers more connection speed we can even say around 1GB, and even more. But it will depend on how it will act with more users connected at the same time and how it will develop with the years and its improvements. After all, it’s just starting. However, this also will depend on the investment that operators and countries put into it. East Asia is known for having the best connectivity globally. Of course, that 5G will succeed there, but for other countries to reach that 1GB speed will be a challenge. 

Improving Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR and AR are here to stay, but they face many challenges from speed to a quick response time and the difficulty of using the devices to enjoy them. However, 5G is the answer to all those challenges. The technology has speed and low latency, allowing developers to create better and comfortable devices for them. We can expect huge advances with VR and AR in the years to come.

This technology is aim to reach the industrial area

Let’s see, this is the 5th generation in a mobile personal connection. Still, its main goal is to help move that connection into the industries. That way, many sectors can improve their communication and have better control over remote activities. We can expect enterprises with dangerous activities like mining, oil, and construction to fully use robots controlled with 5G technology in a couple of years. 

Thinking about remote and difficult activities 

Continuing with the point stated above, there are many dangerous activities that a remote connection will make possible without putting the worker in danger. Such actions could be submarine reparations, the oil industry, radioactive activities, and even space activities. NASA is highly interested in this technology. But it can go beyond dangerous activities. It can also provide remote medical assistance. Not all doctors can be available at the same time, just like 2020 has proved. There are locations hard to get as in the middle of a battlefield that a robot can perfectly reach while controlled remotely by a doctor, thanks to the 5G network. 

It will help to develop the IoT (Internet of Things)  

Ok, we speak about smartphones, smart TVs, and even smartwatches, but what about intelligent houses, cars, and traffic lights? 5G is the step the IoT needs to start a final development. That will mean that things can communicate with the owners and among them. However, this futuristic dream, with the use of robots and AI, must be treated carefully. Many things can go wrong with it. But only time will prove if making everything smart was a wise idea!

As we can note, 5G technology is opening many opportunities to develop and improve ideas for a better connection worldwide. We can definitely expect big things in the years to come. Let’s just hope for good results!

What we know about 5G technology.

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