2020 has been the digital adaptation year, which means that even a celebration is now hosted through a device screen. Christmas is not an exception! Many companies, groups of friends, and even families take different video call platforms to plan and enjoy a party. Today, we will give some tips for a great virtual Christmas party with colleagues or family members. Keep reading!

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What is a virtual Christmas party?

Quite simply, a celebration where each participant will enjoy a party at home through their devices. It does not matter if it’s a company celebration or a family gathering. The main point is to celebrate Christmas with your important ones. It will never be the same as having them close and have the opportunity to give them a hug, but we must be thankful that we still have them alive and healthy. 

Now that you decided to have a virtual Christmas party is time to start planning all the important details. First, choose the platform where the party will be hosted. There are many platforms, each with its own features: Zoom, Google Meet, Messenger Chat Room, Microsoft Teams, and many more. For example, Zoom has an interesting part of putting a Christmas background to set the holiday mood. 

Now the agenda, talk with all the participants and set a date and time after deciding what kind of party will be, remember the mood or theme will depend on the participant. After all, a virtual family party cannot be the same as a company party. A devastating disadvantage of these video calls is that they can be boring after the first 20 minutes, even with Family and friends, so activities are necessary. And here is where our article will be helpful!

Tips for a fun virtual Christmas party

Ok, so for a fun and unforgettable virtual Christmas party, activities play an important role. There are many ways to keep the participants engaged in the party, from active activities to different games that can be done in front of any device screen. Check them out!

A Party Theme

Yes, even when the party is because of Christmas, there can be a theme, from the North Pole to a classical Christmas movie, the options are infinite. For example, if you and your group are bold, the party theme can even be about the Grinch or The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Dress Code

Suppose you don’t have the time or the budget for a specific theme. What about a dress code: ugly sweaters, reindeer antlers, snowman hats, Santa’s suit or hat, Elf outfits, and many more. So, pick a theme, and let the participants know through the invitation. 

Christmas Icebreakers

If your party is with Family and friends, you won’t need this, after all, there is familiarity among all the participants. However, suppose the party is for a company. In that case, the first minutes can be awkward, so what better than breaking the ice with some small activities such as: what best icon, image, meme, or GIF describe better your Christmas; best Christmas ever; or some funny story about the holidays. Let them start a good conversation around those!

Virtual Secret Santa 

A classical Holiday game among Family, friends, and colleagues. So one of the best activities for your virtual Christmas party is to reveal the names of the secret Santas and enjoy opening gifts and presents. 

Christmas Karaoke

There are many classic Christmas songs to enjoy a good karaoke session, from the eternal carols to the best selection of pop songs that are always a hit during December. Maybe not all the participants will sing, but definitely, they will enjoy the mood that the Karaoke will bring.

Craft Ornaments 

One of the great activities that can be done during the virtual party is to craft ornaments for the house or office. Many decorations can be done easily. Everybody will put all their concentration on it. What about a little reward for the most pretty ornament, for example, a Gift Card. 

Online Christmas Bingo

Bingo is a preferred activity for all, but some special Christmas bingo can be played during the party, especially if there are some interesting rewards for the winners. So plan a good bingo for all the participants, and enjoy a good moment. 

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Another classical activity that can also be made into a virtual one. Just plan with regular objects that everybody has at home. That can be shown during the party, from an ugly sweater to the most memorable Christmas ornament. The point here is to make a fun and enjoyable hunt. 

Christmas Trivia

Everybody enjoys trivia. The competitive spirit will push all the participants to answer each question correctly. This can be done individually or separated into teams. The important point here is to plan all the questions around Christmas, from movies to TV shows, with some music and pop culture in the mix, be creative with the questions. 

Cookie Decorations

Christmas cookies are a must in any holiday celebration, so what better than create a contest of the best cookie decoration, where each participant shows their cookies and the process of the decorations to everybody attending the party.

These are only some of the best activities for a virtual Christmas party. Still, you can definitely create your own actions, and why not make them a tradition. Keep in touch with the magazine to read more interesting articles!

Tips for making a virtual Christmas party.

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