2021 is here! In a few hours, we are going to welcome the new year, saying FINALLY goodbye to 2020, a year that will forever be remembered as a tough one, but with many lessons learned, or so we hope. Although we have many wishes for 2021, we can forget that businesses are there and need new strategies and ways to promote products and services, creating a brand identity. Today, we will show you several ways to promote your brand in the new year, with recent trends and old ones that are stronger than ever.

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Why is it important to promote a brand?

Pretty simple, nowadays it’s not just about to sell, sell, and sell. It’s more about producing a strong brand identity and a loyal audience. So, promoting goes beyond the product or service. It’s about the brand itself, showing their talent, values, goals, and good deeds. For that reason, many big brands promote that identity, obviously with their products and services. Still, now it is all about the brand. So let’s check the best way to promote the brand in 2021.

10 ways to promote a brand in 2021

These ways are the best way to promote your brand. Many are classical strategies in Marketing but are still the way to go. Check them out!

Pay per Click (PPC) 

This is the way to help your brand’s website get a higher position on Google searches. Actually, all the work is done by Google Ads, helping you have a great track of the different ads that your brand is paying. The ads can be seen in two ways, the Google display network and the Google search network. The first one is about the ads that appear on any website using Google ads providing an advertising space; the latest is about the results that appear as ads at the beginning of any Google search.  


SEO strategies are the top priority for any business. Optimizing posts and content will help your brand to appear at least on the first page of Google. Many people use the Google search engine, but not many go to the second page of those searches, so the best way to get on that first page is to have content that fulfills the SEO. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are a must nowadays! If you want a well-known brand, you must have a digital presence in social media, at least in the four basic platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Each one has its own features, tools, and way to post, plus each one needs a different marketing strategy. But the main focus of social media marketing is to put brands closer to their audience and loyal clients. 

Email Marketing

A classic marketing strategy and one of the most important that is currently used. You can create a mailing list with leads and clients offering through mail content of different types. But the main goal of email marketing is to bring more clients, offering goods such as discounts and gifts, promoting not only products but also the brand that can create conversions. 

eCommerce Marketing 

This will grow in 2021 because of the pandemic that is still going on in the world. But eCommerce will need a great strategy to see results, using the points stated above, plus a few other strategies. These will generate traffic, bringing leads that soon will become clients buying products and services. 

Interactive Content

The pandemic has brought many users to be more in touch with social media. Still, to generate engagement, the content now must be interactive. These interactions will help to measure the engagement and to keep the audience happy. There are many ways to create interactive content. Moreover, the same social media platforms allow tools to have more interactions. 

Live Experiences

The pandemic has forced big brands and artists to take the digital world to perform and have their big launches there. But surprisingly, these events are showing great acceptance. Many users are enjoying these contents, offering a high engagement and making the audience happy. 

Content Marketing

It’s stronger than ever. You can find content pretty much everywhere, but the point here is to create quality content that leads and generates actions. From blog posts to infographics, there are so many types of content marketing that make an exchange. The brand offers something interesting that produces value. Thus the lead will provide access to their information. 

Influencer Marketing 

With the pandemic, the influencers are taking hold over social media, their work hasn’t stopped, actually it has increased. So many brands are using influencers to promote their products at the same time promoting the brand. And because the influencer has so many followers, that product and its brand will reach a new audience. 

User-Generated Content

This is a new level of content and the best for any brand because it is the users’ content. Putting it simply, users now like to tag the brands in any of their posts where the product is displayed. The funny part is that many of these users do this without planning the post, just because the brands have a social media presence. And new users trust these posts more than the ones generated by the brand account, so brands are aiming to the type of content encouraging users to tag them on their position.

Promote a brand in 2021 doesn’t look so tough, now that the digital aspect is stronger than ever. But everything must be carefully planned, with great strategies and the help of an excellent team. Keep in touch with the Magazine with our other interesting articles!

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