Disney and Pixar’s Soul: Why is this the movie of the moment?

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Mercadeo Magazine Julio 2024

Who doesn’t love an animated film? Animation is a great way to portray a story. It doesn’t have the limitation of a traditional film. Directors and screenwriters can play with different elements here to bring a new story. But sometimes animation studios can surprise us with a totally out-of-the-box film, and that is precisely what Disney Soul presents. Check it out!

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Reasons Why Disney and Pixar’s Soul has been a success

Disney and Pixar are widely known for their animated films. After all, both studios started with that. We are used to enjoying every year a movie that can make us sad, happy, moreover we can get a strong message from these studios. However, these animation titans are lacking, and big-time, in the inclusion department, they are trying to change that with stories such as The Princess and The Frog or COCO. But, there is still a long way to introduce more diversity in their characters. 

And now Disney Soul is setting a new precedent that we hope both studios can keep, introducing Joe Gardner (voice by Jamie Foxx) as the lead character. Although we congratulated them for this, an Afro-American character is not the only reason why the movie is so popular. Soul is continuing the trend that started with Inside Out. The movie is co-directed by Pete Docter, the mastermind behind that film and UP. What do these animated films have in common? Well, a strong message that wants to change your vision of life, many life crises, and that they are not completely suitable for a younger audience. 

Let’s see, UP was about an elderly man that doesn’t have the motivation to continue with his life until he decided to fulfill his long-time life dream, and here is where a kid that could be his grandchild appears, changing his vision of life. So, how younger kids can understand his feelings?. Inside Out was about emotions, children don’t know that term and the layers they have; moreover, the lead character is a girl who is starting her teenage years. She is discovering herself, kids don’t get that, much less memories or good times, those things are for adults.

Disney Soul portraits more of that. Here they present a lead character that realized many things about his life in the moment of a big change; the other character realized that you need to live your life to find that spark. It doesn’t matter how many people give you advice, even when they were famous, popular, smart, and powerful. If you don’t experience those things by yourself, you will never get that spark. Would kids understand all of these? NO, that is where the graphics and colors play a big part in the success. 

Another great point in the movie is the Afro-American culture, from a real Barber Shop to Jazz, which has been a great musical genre to play in movies but for Soul is just the perfect companion, the soundtrack is incredible, and the way Joe’s story revolves around Jazz is simply amazing! But, each person that has watched the movie can give their own opinion about it. Still, Disney and Pixar are presenting year after year animated films that can change your life.

Enjoy the Disney and Pixar’s Soul trailer

Here is the trailer if you want a push to watch the movie that can be streamed on Disney+ and catch some things that I wrote here. 

Definitely, Disney Soul is a movie that can touch the heart and lives of many. Still, everybody has their own tastes, so it’s up to you if you want to give this animated film a chance!

Reasons to watch Disney and Pixar’s Soul.

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