Facebook is the most popular social media platform around the world and one of the oldest. Over the years, it has improved to make personalization an easy thing. However, not many users exploit the tools that they offer for it. Change your Facebook account with our advice and tips. This can be done for your personal or business account!

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Why refresh your Facebook account?

Easy, everything changes, not all the years are the same, plus something important in your life happens. This deserves recognition on your social media, and what better way than with the different personalization features that Facebook offers, from your profile picture to the cover one, and let’s not start with the tons of information that you can put there. But not many users exploit these features when they can say and show so many things with just a single image. 

Being creative is an important part here. After all, a profile picture pairing it with a cover photo can do wonders for your personal account, but moreover for a business page. This can make a difference, especially if you are a freelance worker. The personalization parts can be your business card for the rest of the users out there. So what are you waiting for? Start changing these aspects and present a new and fresh Facebook account!

Ideas to renew your Facebook account

There are many ways to do this. Facebook offers you a couple of tools for it. However, the major focus will always be on the cover and profile images. With these, you can exploit all the creativity and show many interesting details about you, or your job and profession with them. 

Show your abilities

This idea is perfect, especially for artistic persons, from designers to film makers, without forgetting plastic artists. With a cover image that shows your favorite or best piece, you focus on your abilities and points if the profile picture matches the cover. Creativity is something that artistic persons always have with them, so turning their social media into their style is pretty common. Besides, those platforms have become their portfolio to show their pieces to the world. 

Play with real elements

Yes, graphic design is the king when digital marketing is around. Still, sometimes clients and users alike enjoy covers and posts, showing the real product or service. Why not use your tools, products, or even your workspace to feel that there is a natural person behind the screen that will interact with everybody! With the business pages showing some parts of the catalog, your best tools, or even when it comes to publications, what it will offer during that edition can be a perfect move. 

Color Everywhere

People tend to enjoy the visual aspect of many things. This includes the design of the social media platforms, which is why designers put so much effort into the Instagram Feed. But we are discussing how to refresh your Facebook account, and for this, the impact will be on the cover. What better move than to put colors on it. There are many ways to do this, from minimalist black and white to a punch of color, without forgetting the main colors and different palates to give the best image. Of course, the best is to follow the brand palate colors and present something according to it for business pages. 

Human Side

Color, pieces, tools, and products are good, but one of the best moves right now is to show your team’s faces for a business page or you as the person behind the account. Be creative here. It could be a picture taken in the middle of something or, due to the situation, a collage of an online meeting. If it’s just you, try to portray something important to you or simply in a moment of relaxation. 

Words Can Say More

Sometimes reading can lead to a better understanding of a message that you want to convey with your account. This message can be done with a few words or lines, but it can also be a great opportunity to make a call to action, and trust us, those are priceless. As a plus, you can play with any typography for a better visual impact; for a business page, if the brand has specific typography, the designer must follow it for this cover. 

Use Different Forms

Every one of the above points can be accompanied by a form, from a triangle to a circle. The options are limitless. The best part is that they go with pretty much everything, pictures, messages, colors, objects, anything! They are definitely the best part of any design. 

There are many other tips to transform your Facebook Account into a new and fresh one, but these are the best starting point to make the change! Keep in touch with the Magazine to read our recent articles, and don’t miss any news, actuality, or new marketing trend.

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