Continuing our Creativity series, today, we will talk about getting it at work or in any business. Creativity at work is something important and a characteristic that every worker must-have. Still, finding inspiration there could be a challenge, so to help you with that, we will discuss some tips and advice to get that creativity and increase your productivity. Keep reading!

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Why is it important to have creativity at work?

Easy, creative employees will present better solutions to problems, innovative ideas, productive strategies, a better knowledge of products, services, processes, and competitors. All these will increase your team’s value, and they will contribute to the growth of the business. But, to help these to happen, a creative space and freedom for each employee is a must, and as the leader, you must help them. 

A creative culture within the workspace is important, not just for the business but also for the employees. They will feel at ease there and feel rewarded for their hard work. When their ideas are considered, and some put into practice, many of them will feel proud to work there. That loyalty will help everybody. But all start with some changes in the space and the behavior at work. Check out the best tips.

Tips to encourage creativity at work

These tips will help you to increase the productivity and creativity of our workers.


In any workspace, each employee has their own activities. However, when they get together and start to talk about those little things that are becoming problematic, some great ideas and solutions can be found. We call this: brainstorming, so the best here is to create a space dedicated only to that. It could have a whiteboard with stickers and markers to present the best ideas. But not just there, consider putting some butcher paper and markers or pencils in the break room, maybe a cup of coffee can bring a good idea that needs to be written right there. 


Working with a team is always a great way to advance with activities and generate great ideas. Although the work team is the best, sometimes each worker can feel just part of the bunch when their ideas are also important. As the leader, you must allow each worker to express thoughts, feelings, and suggestions that they could have, make them feel important and that, yes, they are part of a team. Still, they are unique for who they are and what they could bring to the business. 

A stimulating atmosphere

There are several elements to consider when thinking about changes in the workspace. These are: 

Anonymous Suggestions and Solutions

Many workers don’t enjoy being the star of the team or being in the middle of the spotlight. Ironically they have the best ideas and solutions. So put around the workspace suggestion box, and send through mails the suggestion form and let them put those ideas to work with their anonymity. You can find great things in those boxes, although please set some rules to protect identities and keep the peace.

Put those ideas into practice 

Cool, you have a great workplace, suggestion boxes, brainstorming rooms, and an excellent team. Still, nothing will benefit the company if those ideas die on the whiteboard or paper. The ideas and solutions must be implemented. That way, other workers would be encouraged to give their opinions, answers, and ideas, and your team will grow.

Reunite a Diverse Team

Listen up, yes, a great team is composed of excellent professionals. Still, if you start looking for the same profile in all your employees, they will present the same patron with processes and ideas. But suppose you hire a team of diverse professionals with different backgrounds, education, fields, experience, and even from other states. In that case, you will have a team with different ideas and ways to do things. And that will become priceless!

Creativity at work is not that hard to get. Still, it will require time, patience, investment, and a desire to do the right thing for your team, so follow our tips and keep in touch with the magazine for more business tips. 

How to promote creativity at work.

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