Publicity and ads have always been there to promote a service or a product. With the improvement of technology and strategies, changes in society, and many other events, ads have been evolving. Right now, digital marketing is the king, but marketers are still finding useful content and inspiration in vintage ads. For that reason, we are going to show today some good timeless ads. Check them out!

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Why is it good to be inspired by vintage ads?

Vintage ads not only show how the marketing was back in those days but also are a sneak peek into the lives of those years. Have you ever wondered what makeup do women use back then? Or how were the cars that your grandparents drove when they were young? Those ads that could be found in newspapers and magazines can tell us that and so much more. 

Many of those ads were mostly illustrations. In past decades the work of artists was important for advertising agencies to give the image that they wanted for products or services. Those illustrations could portray the life of a perfect American family, playing with the desire of many to be that family when the reality was very different from that, but that wasn’t a deterrent for agencies to show what they considered the best in those years. However, there is so much to learn and get inspiration from them. The way they shaped years and generations giving identity to many big brands that nowadays are titans in their respective industries, it’s what makes them so powerful.

Besides their power, there are small details that can still be used in these modern times, from typography to lighting. These vintage ads have many things to teach a new generation of marketers, even when their work is mostly in the digital aspect, these advertisements still produce a reaction. That is what any respected marketer is aiming for with their campaigns. So check out some good and quality vintage ads!

Cool vintage ads you must see

Maybelline All Eyes Kit

vintage ads
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This ad promotes the new Kit from the makeup titan Maybelline, pretty sure that you have already used one of their products. This kit was launched in the ’70s looking for a comfortable way to keep a makeup kit that any woman can put in any pursed and even a pocket, just like the ad stated. The interesting point of this ad is that if you enhance the picture, it can easily pass as a new ad from the company. The color palette is widespread nowadays. After all, every fashion trend is bound to make a comeback. 

Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky 

vintage ads
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Johnnie Walker is a worldwide known whisky brand, with several products and rewards under their name. It’s considered one of the best whisky in the world, moreover when they are making their whisky from 1820. At the end of the ’40s, they presented this ad in the London News, where they want to indicate that even when time passes, they are still trusting in their origins but are looking forward to a bright future, and the bad won’t last. All those things are still valid nowadays, but Johnnie Walker is a whisky that half of the world knows and enjoys.  

Campbell’s Can Bag

vintage ads
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This type of campaign has been decreasing over the years, but pretty much until 2010, you could exchange labels or any other thing from the brand and get a useful product just like this bag. The exciting thing with this ad is they were able to promote the canned soup only by showing the usefulness of the bag, because Campbell was very well known back in the ’60s and ’70s, actually they become part of the American pop culture many have some poster or an art piece dedicated to this beloved canned soup.

Natural Wonder Nail Polish 

vintage ads
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This is another example of an ad that can easily pass as a new one because nail polish is still a product very popular in the fashion and beauty industries. Women, and nowadays some men, love to paint their nails with different colors, but it is still a product which ads aim to women, so this ad is a great way to show the final result with colors highly used during those years and beautiful hands. Natural Wonder presented this ad in the Australian Women’s Weekly Magazine in 1976, with a compelling copy that showcased not only the new colors but also a unique formula that could protect your nails. Things that every nail polish company does in modern times. 

Coca-Cola’s Things Go Better with Coke

vintage ads
Cr: Creative Guerrilla Marketing

Coca-Cola has always been a king with advertisement campaigns. Since the early beginnings of the company, they have known how to promote their products even using seasonal marketing, just like this vintage example in the ’60s. Summer is a perfect season to have an ice-cold coke, and using the ideal marketing image of those years: two beautiful women getting more attractive, you get a great ad that wants to sell the product. See, Coca-Cola knows marketing!

Vintage ads are the different chapters of the long history of marketing and advertising. Some are beautiful, some have become art pieces, some have been forgotten. In contrast, some spark controversy nowadays, but they have been recovered to show the world and marketers what is excellent and wrong according to different times, societies, and events. Keep in touch with the Magazine to learn more about marketing!

Cool vintage ads.

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