Spider-Man 3: Will the three protagonists meet?

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Movies are one of our beloved hobbies. One of the most anticipated for this year is Spider-Man 3, because who doesn’t enjoy a good story with tons of quality scenes and pack with a bunch of superheroes? But last year was a terrible time for the filming industry. Many productions had to be delayed because sets were no longer secure for artists and staff. However, they are starting to overcome these challenges, to continue with excellent material adapting to new normalcy, and taking advantage of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney+.

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Marvel and Sony co-production is under filming. The anticipation is there, and the expectations are getting higher than ever. After all the rumors and negotiations that Marvel and Sony did regarding this franchise, many fans expect something big. Let’s be honest, the ending of Far From Home, the sequel of this new Spider-Man trilogy, left fans with a desire to know more. Moreover, Phase Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is something that fans are expecting whether or not you have read the comics, that playing with characters and stories is pretty much what Marvel wants to do, now that Disney is the owner of Marvel and FOX which has the rights to X-Men franchise. Keep reading to know more!

This is what we know about Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 is the third film that continues with Spider-Man Homecoming in 2017 and Far From Home in 2019. Remember this Spidey is part of the MCU, which makes him part of the Avengers. The storyline of both movies is parallel to other Marvel movies like Captain America: Civil War and the events that occur after Avengers: Endgame. This is what makes this story and its characters so beloved for fans, especially those that have been following the MCU from the very beginning, even before it had that name. 

But this has been the most problematic story in terms of negotiations and production. This is because Sony Pictures is the owner of Spider-Man rights, so Marvel, with its parent company Disney, needs a solid deal with Sony to produce these movies and make Peter Parker part of the MCU. In 2019 Sony and Marvel ended their deal stating differences and that they didn’t reach a final agreement, but facing the wrath of the MCU and Spider-Man fans, both companies decided to start negotiations again, getting a new deal that was the green light to begin the production of this film. 

So far, this new film’s main plot has been highly guarded, especially after Tom Holland’s major spoiler for the second film. But several important facts have been confirmed, Holland returns as Peter Parker, together with Zendaya as Peter’s love interest MJ, Jacob Batalon as Peter’s best friend Ned Leeds, Marisa Tomei as Peter’s Aunt May, and Tony Revolori as Peter’s High School bully Flash Thompson; they are the main and recurrent characters of this story. 

But the things that are getting fans interested in the confirmation of Benedict Cumberbatch returning to his character as Dr. Strange continuing the link to the MCU. With him, both studios confirmed the cast of Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina as villains Electro and Doc Ock, something that shouldn’t be surprising because both villains are widely known for the comic fans. However, both actors’ cast only brought many questions, but we are getting to that shortly. 


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The filming started back in October in New York City, moving to the main arch in Atlanta, joining the actors and more staff. It’s supposed to last there until March, but there will be some shootings in Los Angeles and Iceland as well. Sony grabbed a marketing deal with South-Korean company Hyundai Motor Group to present their latest models and technology in the film. 

The expected released date is December 17, 2021, but this will depend entirely on how the global situation will develop during these months. Many movies have been delayed, like Black Widow. This is the first production that will present in the leading role the character portrait by Scarlett Johansson: Natasha Romanoff, one of the female superheroes from the Avengers. Only time will tell if Spider-Man 3 will be released this year. 

What fans want to see in Spider-Man 3

Let’s dive into the rumors, and what if that has always surrounded the MCU and any superhero movie, to be honest. Before that, many must understand that Spider-Man is a superhero with so many stories and representations. Actually, the animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse shows that what will happen if there were several Spider-Men in different universes and all of them get together to defeat a common villain or many of them? The animated movie answered that, presenting an amazing and excellent well-written story that gained fans’ and critics’ attention and love and finished that success winning Best Animated Feature at the 91st Academy Award in 2019.

But what that animated movie can tell us about the plot of this Spider-Man 3 within the MCU? Easy, getting into the multiverse! Dr. Strange is the key to start with this storyline. He can travel into these universes, putting Tom Holland’s Peter in front of other Spider-Men like Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s. Many fans expect that Strange can become the new mentor for Peter Parker after what happened with Tony Stark. There are many rumors about older Peters’s appearance in this story, though, as Jeff Sneider stated in his news for Collider, these rumors can kill expectation and surprise for many, but the little bits and leaked photos are still flooding social media. 

So far, not much is confirmed, Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx will replay their characters from previous Spider-Man films, Emma Stone replaying Gwen Stacy is still unknown due to her pregnancy. Meanwhile, from Sony’s original Spider-Man, Kirsten Dust and Tobey Maguire haven’t said anything. According to several movie experts, both are under discussion with Sony. Many fans will be delighted to have characters from both storylines, creating the Spider-Verse in live-action. The base to develop a multiverse in the MCU gives the studio the right to resolve some questions that the final Avengers movie left.


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Actually, at this moment, Disney+ is streaming WandaVision, a miniseries which events are before Spider-Man Far From Home, but this will also be the link to Spider-Man 3 and Dr. Strange 2. The fifth episode can be a sneak peek at what we can expect of this multiverse with the addiction of the X-Men into the MCU, which many fans are dying to watch after the announcement that Disney is the new owner of 21st Century Fox, which has the rights to anything related to X-Men. 

Fans are dying to know more, but the plot and even the title of this threequel are top secrets that even the actors don’t know much and play with all of us’ expectations. The only thing that we can do is wait at least for the title. There are rumors about a trailer for the middle of the Summer but nothing more. Keep in touch with the Magazine to know more about the latest movies and TV shows. 

Truths and myths about Spider-Man 3.

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