Business ideas are everywhere, especially when we need to adapt to new things and spaces. And it’s precisely this that can bring unconventional business into the market. But do you understand what this means? Or how do they work? Keep reading to find out more about those businesses!

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What are unconventional business ideas?

Unconventional business broke the mold that doesn’t follow the same pattern as other businesses. But you must understand something. After centuries of human history, there aren’t many original ideas for companies to talk more about unique business ideas that fill the unconventional category. And what makes a business unique? Easy, offering something that your competitors don’t!

There are many business examples within the same area that are famous, popular, and profitable even when they pretty much offer the same. Pandora and Spotify are both music streaming services, but they have different strategies and features to provide their clients’ services. The same can be said about Pepsi and Coca-Cola or Nike and Adidas. Being unique is all about offering something different. 

The best examples of unconventional business ideas

These ideas are quite impressive for many reasons. As we stated above, there aren’t original ideas anymore, but you can take some old business and make improvements creating an unconventional company. Check out these ideas!

Forget Pickpockets 

Clothing Arts is an American company dedicated to creating pickpocket-proof clothes. The clothes varied from travel pants perfect for those adventurous travelers to casual wear and even some pieces especially designed to go to the office. The catch with them is that they have a series of buttons and zippers to prevent robbery. 


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An Unconventional Country Club

In the USA, sports clubs are part of the high society of different cities across the country; they usually offer various services: restaurant, spa, gym, tennis and basketball courts, and how to forget endless golf fields. But this club is all about uniqueness and out of the norm. Meet the Frisco Gun Club located in Dallas, Texas. Here they combine the luxury and money that country clubs and elite sports clubs offer, but with a twist: a shooting club! Think about releasing stress with your best outfit while shooting to a target. It sounds crazy but at the same time quite interesting. 


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Are You a Sock Lover?

Socks are essential clothing pieces, but we don’t give them the right importance. However, Sock Fancy wants to show us their love for stockings and the different services that they have with them, including a monthly subscription for adults and kids. With the subscription, you can get a package with the order, which can be fully customized. Now in the middle of the worldwide pandemic, they are also offering masks and bennies combined. 


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Print your Photos in a Fancy Way

Ok, printing photos is not a new business, but the way Recently offers its services is fresh and unique. They offer this monthly service where they print the pictures on your smartphone camera roll in a Magazine style, all through their app. This service is an incredible way to have the photos in a physical representation, but also, they can become a fantastic gift. 


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Vinyl Records From Ashes

Many people prefer cremation over burials, but sometimes having those ashes in the middle of the living room is not the best idea. So this business in the UK had an exciting idea: vinyl records using those ashes. Let me introduce to you: And vinyly… where they offer to make a vinyl record with real music. The record can be reproduced with any device that allows it, but it’s just like any vinyl record, perfect for fulfilling the last wish of the deceased. 


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These are just a few examples of unconventional businesses that took an idea and transformed it into a real and profitable company. Still, there are so much more, and there are always people ready to bring new unique ideas. Check out more exciting business ideas with the Magazine!

Exemplary unconventional business ideas.

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