Twitter is a microblogging platform, or well, that was how it started. But right now, it is one of the most popular social media platforms, one that can keep you updated with the latest news and let you say what’s on your mind within 240 characters, or if you prefer it show a thread to explain better some stories or situations. Although even with its bigger popularity, as with every social media platform, Twitter is always looking for new services and things to present a better experience to its users, check out some of them!

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Twitter new services

There is still a long way before users can fully enjoy these services. Still, the company has a strong will to test the waters, to see if they can be successful and, of course, increase the revenues. However, in the main headquarters, they completely understand that those revenues won’t appear in 2021. Several higher-ups from the company talked last year about some of the services they will start to test this year, looking for the best way to introduce those to users, including the business accounts.

Many of these services are based on paid content and subscriptions. One of the most interesting features that they want to test as a paid service is the possibility to customize your account from big changes on the profile like a specific color palette, longer tweets, and the «undo send» characteristic, which is an alternative of the edit button that for so many years users are requesting. Another interesting thing is the subscription service for Tweetdeck. This desktop app allows you to control the main social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. With it, you can have access to more tools and features. 

Last year Twitter purchased Revue, a newsletter platform, this could mean several new services, one of them a tipping system where you can get exclusive content, especially from popular or important accounts, but so far, it’s only a rumor Twitter hasn’t stated what they are going to offer with Revue. The company has been hiring new teams to work on projects under development or start planning soon. We have to wait and see these new services whether or not they will become true this 2021. 

More about Twitter

Although Twitter has been very busy presenting some new updates even after all those rumors, let’s check the most recent ones.

False Information

This update was presented in December last year, aiming to help health organizations stop fake news and false information about the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccines that were slowly released to the world. Twitter uses human workers and technology software teams to review tweets with harmful content about false information. The company works closely with the organizations to be updated about this news and information. 

Suspending Accounts

Twitter has set very specific rules over the platform’s use, even when you can find some hardcore content there. Still, they are very strict with hateful tweets that can lead to bullying and discrimination. Any user can inform the team about one or several accounts that are breaking those rules. Still, that team also can suspend accounts with a general check with a specific algorithm. A good example is the suspension of Donald Trump’s account or the accounts from governments that are under accusations of violation of human rights and other crimes. These suspensions have gained notoriety over the weeks, and Twitter stated that it will continue doing it, with more updates over the year.  

Request Verification 

The wait is over. Twitter stopped verifying accounts for a long time, deciding to review its policy about it. Still, they haven’t announced when they are going to start again showing this new policy. But 2021 seems like the year to do it. They launched the new rules like you don’t need a profile bio or header. The number of followers will depend on the region, not the country. They will start to put categories for the verification like scientists or athletes. However, the rules of how you can lose the blue checkmark will be more strict. The application process will have both human and automate reviews to be 100% sure that the mark is given to the right person or account.  

It seems like 2021 will be the year for big changes for Twitter, but they’re still a long way to go before we notice those. Let’s wait and see more surprises! Keep in touch with the Magazine to know more about social media and its uses.

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