Society changes every year, especially thanks to new generations that are looking for something different. Sometimes, not only is the people who push the change, the world itself presents some challenges. After all, we are facing a pandemic where we need to think more about our health and wellbeing. Normally problems are where some great ideas are born and new ideas and trends in wellness marketing. Keep reading to find out more about it!

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What is wellness?

Being careful with your health and deciding to change your habits to embrace a new healthy lifestyle is pretty much the latest trend taking over many around the world. 2020 was a tough year, but some people decided to change bad habits to be more in touch with their health with confinement. This is what we called wellness. Taking care of yourself, which can also be considered love yourself, is what practically people start to do more consistently during this pandemic. 

Wellness is not only about having an active routine with hours of exercise. It’s also about mental health, spiritual care, and a healthy diet. Mental health was a constant topic for many people last year. It’s still one that concerns WHO this year. Confinement and COVID-19 affected people not only physically but also mentally. This pandemic has proved to be exhausting in many aspects. 

But it’s precisely that desire for a healthy life that has opened a new space for a different kind of marketing: the wellness one. Besides that, nutritional and fitness businesses had to adapt to this new normalcy. Few companies were able to exploit the digital world with excellent marketing strategies. However, in these times, this type of marketing can be the difference between keeping going and having good revenues or failing with it!

Why do brands focus their image on wellness?

Audiences want to have content that allows them to start a healthy life or continue it, making improvements and changes to adapt to it. This is great for brands because they can connect with the public, make leads that can be possible clients, speak to them, and talk about wellness can do wonderful things to the business, especially if this is focused on fitness and health. There are several benefits that wellness marketing can bring, for example:

This presents a difference in the rest of the marketing. When brands decide to go for wellness, they offer a closer connection, which will be real and can transcend. As a company, you are looking to help your customers find a healthy lifestyle with what is best for them. Of course, the first one to implement this type of marketing is the fitness and health area. Still, it turns out that other sectors can use it to adapt the strategies to their location and clients. But for now, check out these incredible examples of wellness marketing


This business started offering memberships to users to access gyms, studios, and wellness apps, all with a monthly payment. However, they faced a decrease in the memberships during the first months of the confinement, but this was just another way to reinvent themselves. They took live-streaming to keep helping their members with their healthy lifestyle while supporting partners and sponsors. 


This company is in the business of multivitamins supplements. A very popular industry, many people like to take these supplements to complement their diet. But Ritual is taking the marketing to another level based on their promise of transparency. Pretty much all the image is about this, even the packaging. Their strategies are very clever with this, but this shows a wellness marketing and a natural and real approach to their audience. 

Xponential Fitness

This business is highly interesting. They work like a curator for wellness brands around the world. The portfolio includes brands such as CycleBar, Row House, StretchLab, and Pure Barre. They become partners and are a mutual association, showing all that wellness can offer. They also help small businesses thrive and have the best marketing strategies for them.

Wellness is not only about being fit and having a healthy lifestyle. It can also be an amazing marketing move, with closer and real strategies to capture the audience and make them want to continue with this life or jump into it! Check out more interesting types of marketing with the Magazine, don’t miss our articles! 

Wellness in business.

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