Today we want to give you a small peek at what our mother company offers and how we work as a team. 786 Group is a company dedicated to many areas, with products and services around different teams and branches, but we are all connected one way or another. With this article, we hope that you get to know our group and its teams. Keep reading!

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Introducing 786 Group

Everything started with a dream from our boss Tony Baldo when he moved to Miami City in 2000 and founded, a magazine dedicated to the city’s nightlife. Later ZeusWebMaster was born and will become the Group’s backbone, which silently has become the most successful branch of 786. After Zeus, Hurbania was our first online store but right now is the department in charge of our hosting, working closely with Zeus. To finish our main trinity 786.Marketing was founded, a branch dedicated to the world of digital marketing offering the full package to our clients.

But for the Group, this was not the end of its story. We not only have reached different cities with 786.Marketing, but also we had started with new adventures such a: PerfumateX, Apollo Sign and Printing, YoAmoBQTO, YAB HUB, and 786 Digital Broadcast. We want to offer different products to our clients under the same Group and team, to make them feel part of the family. After all, our team is a family and the most talented professionals in their respective areas, ready to give their all to attend to our clients. 

 786 Group services

These are our main services and branch. Check them out!

786 Group is a family first, a conglomerate ready to fulfill our client’s needs, and a company where young talents can grow into their best professionals selves. Many good things are coming with few surprises; keep in touch with our social platforms under 786 Marketing!

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