Digital marketing is definitely here to stay! While the human race is moving into more advanced technology eras, we will need tools to keep doing some ancient activities like selling goods and services to people, leading to earning money to sustain yourself or your family. This aging process is now taking into a more wide aspect because the world is connected in many ways. Still, for that reason, we need new techniques to sell and sustain the economy. That is where digital marketing plays an important role. Check out more about this!

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Why will digital marketing continue to grow?

The answer to this question is so easy. We are using new technologies and advanced tools that some areas cannot stay behind. Marketing is one of them. We are not saying that some classical tools like magazines, newspapers, or even radio will disappear. Still, we are taking a new approach thanks to the internet and smartphone revolution. 20 or 30 years ago, we didn’t know what is checking our phones or posting selfies on social media. Those years, even when the internet existed thanks to a landline connection, we consumed ads through paper or billboards. Still, now everything is onto a new level never before seen.

Digital marketing will grow according to the advances in technology. With the addition of Virtual and Augmented Reality, marketing is getting into new territory, one that will prove to be out of this world. Plus, we can’t deny that digital is taking control over pretty much everything. A good example of this is Gamer Domination. They are earning more than any professional player in any sports field. Their marketing is top tier, having as sponsors big brands like Samsung and even Google.

Now any business must know that having a digital space will put them on the map. If you don’t appear on a quick Google search, you don’t exist, period! Now in the middle of a pandemic that has taken a toll in many aspects, especially the economic one, the digital world is the norm and the only salvation for many small businesses. For the big brands, digital marketing has become a battlefield, where some days they face each other with big memes and quick remarks, but other days they are the best friends. Because social media is now part of human nature, so it is normal to take certain traits of any personality onto those accounts. After all, there is a person behind those screens, and we give a standing ovation to those witty Community Managers. 

Companies should embrace digital marketing.

This is a golden rule in this century. Moreover, we are entering a new decade that is promising major changes in the digital world. Actually, this pandemic has pushed those changes forward. Check this out: in 2019, having a digital store wasn’t the norm, but businesses were taking steady steps into it. Now in 2021, it is a must having one. Selling online has saved many from bankruptcy, and it’s easier; you can definitely reduce costs and invest that in more important things. We can be sure that in 2029 we will live in a totally different world, and as happens in nature, only the ones who adapt will survive.

Don’t be afraid to check the digital aspect of having a business because that will help you in many ways. Email marketing, ads, social media, podcast, and many more will give a huge push to your brand. Here at 786.Marketing, we are ready to help you navigate the incredible world of digital marketing!

Why digital marketing is growing.

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