Telegram is the app that is competing against WhatsApp. Still, the latest months have seen an increase in its users, thanks to a trust issue within the rival due to an announcement about their term of use. Now it has 500 million users around the globe. What makes Telegram incredible is its endless features that are always evolving, including several new ones with its upgrade at the end of April. Check them out!

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Telegram video conferences

The big news with the latest upgrade was the start of group video calls, which WhatsApp was already using. Still, Telegram has taken them onto another level, trying to emulate what Zoom, Microsoft, and Google have been showing these past years with confinement and all. However, there is still so much to know about this new feature. How many participants want to compete with the titans, and what other functions will this feature offer.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov was the one to announce the launch of this new function. Still, without giving important details, so far, they only have indicated that it will be available in any OS from iOS to Android, not forgetting the tablet and desktop versions of the app. Another great detail will be the possibility of sharing the screen of one of the users. That way, presentations or other media can be seen by all the participants. 

The most important aspect of this new feature is the encrypted system that it will use, users, value a lot their security which is the main problem from the competitors such as WhatsApp and Messenger, Telegram will use the same system that it offers through the chats make it a more professional app even when it’s in the same category as WhatsApp. This feature was announced a year ago, but the developers just presented the final upgrade this month. Let’s wait and see how it will work. 

Latest Telegram news

With the news of the group video calls, several other new functions presented with the last upgrade at the end of April. Read the list to know more about it:

Telegram is definitely improving its game to keep in the communication race and offer the best services for its users. Each month they will present more upgrades, so stay in touch with the Magazine to know more about!

Future Telegram updates.

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