Obtaining customer loyalty should be one of the major goals for any company, even before promoting and offering their products or services to the public. Gaining this loyalty can mean many benefits not only on an economic level but also with the brand itself. That way, the company will get notoriety and recommendation from others, and we are living in a modern world where influence has a new meaning. One of the greatest ways to gain customer loyalty is through inbound marketing. Keep reading to know more!

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What is customer loyalty?

There are several definitions for this, but marketers talk about a client preferring one company’s product or service over its competitors. We grew up watching this life, our mothers always have a selected product over a list of them, and technically they are pretty much the same. That knowledge has kept with us because without any surprise if the company still exists nowadays we tend to choose that same product, so are you seeing the power of client loyalty?   

Many businesses like to invest funds in strategies, improvements, upgrades, and programs to reach the clients’ satisfaction. Many of the changes that you will notice in those long-time companies are only to keep that loyalty one that can pass down each generation. That way, the sales plan will meet its goals, and this will bring not only a return of inversion but also a growth in the brand awareness and image, which can help to keep their power in the business world but also they can now focus on social movements. 

For small business is similar but on a small scale, maybe they won’t get worldwide recognition, buy, for example, a coffee shop in a small town will get the loyal of their neighbors which in turn will get them to keep going even when the years have passed, and trust us that is highly valuable for a family and inclusive the town. But how will you get that customer loyalty? Easy with these strategies of inbound marketing!

How to achieve customer loyalty through inbound marketing?

These strategies are simply the normal ones for any plan of inbound marketing, and maybe they look easy, but they take time. Loyalty and trust are not something that you will get right away. You must earn it, and for that, inbound marketing is the best. 

Quality content

In any marketing strategy, quality content is the golden rule. Potential and loyal clients right now don’t want to see products and services every time. They would like to read tips to know how the process is done, from where the materials are obtained, the company history, and even the team behind that content. Mix all these with the products or services, and you will catch the audience’s attention. Plus, playing with different formats that now the digital world offers with the traditional ones, and you get many ways to reach what the clients want and how they want to enjoy the content. 

Email marketing or newsletter

Several years ago, this was starting to see as an old technique to only sell, very similar to traditional selling through the mail. But now it’s the best way to reach the customers and gain their loyalty. The same content that you offer through social media and traditional media can be sent with email marketing. Why not take it to the next level with a newsletter offering premium content. Of course, don’t forget to add a promotion or discount of that new product or service, and you will see an increase in sales. 


Remarketing is an old strategy, but now it has been remade thanks to the digital world’s impact, using a system to offer ads to the clients that had already made a purchase. But they will have a different approach offering other products that may be the clients have checked, or something similar that what they have bought. These ads have value to the clients because they like that the company is concerned about what more they want or need, and they definitely will come to the business.

Training through webinars

Coming back to that, clients like to know more about the theme that the company holds. Webinars work incredibly well with this. Find an expert within or outside the company to talk about that topic, and offering it for free to the clients will get loyalty from them. For example, if the company is about makeup products, find a makeup artist to give a simple but interesting talk about new techniques and how the industry is changing to be more friendly with the environment. 

Social Networks

This is not about just publishing your content. It is more about creating a community within the different platforms, one that will offer the opportunity to be in close communication with loyal clients and potential ones that want to know more about certain products or have some doubts. If the company can’t keep up with the fast pace of social media, hire a team of managers to charge the entire community. 

Premium Content

We already touch this point in the newsletter, but it can go beyond the email marketing strategy. The premium content can be offered in so many ways to those loyal clients. Continuing with the makeup company, besides the newsletter, try with a premium box each month or with the first paid subscription that includes your best products. That way, customer loyalty is reaching new heights. Fan clubs are widely known for this, and now you can even check different businesses with monthly boxes with premium products and content. 

Gaining that loyalty can be tough is not impossible, less when the company offers quality content, products, and services. Customer loyalty is the best that can happen to any company! Keep in touch with the Magazine to know more about marketing.

Customer loyalty and inbound marketing.

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