Streaming platforms are here to stay. We pay and get used to them. But what about those platforms that offer content for free? Let us introduce to you Tubi, a relatively new streaming service totally free. When free is involved trusting in those websites is hard, but here is a different story. Check it out!

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What is Tubi?

This new streaming service allows any user to watch movies and shows from their partners for free. Of course, there is a catch: to allow free content, you must accept ads. But think about them as the normal commercials that appear on TV. After all, this is a free service like YouTube. You can access it when and wherever you are.

Tubi is absolutely free, from downloading the app and installing it to enjoy the offered content. Also, they don’t offer premium content or ask you to pay for some plans to upgrade your membership. IT’S FREE (yes, in uppercase for a better understanding). The content takes a break at 12 or 15 minutes, and we totally accept them because they allow the free content. 

We know that the free world is a catch for many bad sites, but you don’t have to worry here. Tubi is completely safe and legal. It has several great partners and amazing content. We are going to get there soon, but for now, rest assured that this platform is nothing bad. You can enter there, create your account and start to enjoy over 20000 movies and shows. 

What you should know about Tubi

First, Tubi has incredible partners like MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount, and Full Moon Pictures. There are shows like «Daredevil» and «Hell’s Kitchen,» movies such as «The Pursuit of Happiness,» «Dinner For Schmucks, or «Girl Interrupted.» But one of their best aspects is the separate section for kids. Let’s be honest. Some streaming platforms don’t have a big catalog for them. And even with the launch of the Disney+ platform, there is still so much to do in the free space for kids. They just want the same as the adult quality and fun content to enjoy for several hours, and moms agree that TV is a great tool for kids to spend a couple of hours.

Talking about the use of Tubi everywhere, the platform is available on many devices. First, you can access it from your computer in any browser. Second, the app is on the Play Store and the App Store. Just check the system requirements. Now, we have many streaming devices, from TVs to small tools that can transform the TV into a smart device, and of course, you can find the app or channel there. The list has Chromecast, Roku, and Amazon Stick, among others. Just check the compatible devices within the US territory and even outside. Roku is the main player for Tubi. They even have a partnership in the US to offer the app for the Spanish-speaking audience. 

Tubi is the new option for streaming content, and enjoy good ones all for free! Check out more about the platform on their website, and don’t miss our article to find more articles about the streaming platforms.

Movies and series on Tubi.

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