Twitter is a unique social media platform designed as a space where users can voice out their inner thoughts. Still, one of the recurrent demands was the edit option for every tweet, and now the little bird has answered with Twitter Blue. Moreover, this new service goes beyond the edit option, offering new things from favorite tweets to changing the aspect. This and more can be found in this paid service. Keep reading to find out everything!

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What is Twitter Blue?

This is a subscription service with special and premium features ready to enhance the user experience. The free Twitter will still exist, so don’t worry. The place where you write your thoughts paired with a good meme will continue. Twitter Blue is the answer by Twitter to the many requests for different new features. The catch is a paid service, and that was not what people wanted, but the platform must look for a way to earn from their users one way or another. 

The service was launched on June 3rd, but it is only available for users in Canada and Australia. The subscription will cost CAD 3.49 or AUD 4.49. It’s expected that soon it will start to be available in other regions. Still, experts don’t expect an increase in the price. Right now, it’s more about testing the waters than other things, considering that these countries have major users on the platforms. Let’s check those incredible features.

Twitter Blue features

This paid service is more about catching users’ attention through many of the features that they have been requesting for years. The big question is: Would they really want to pay for them? Read more about them and make your choice.

Bookmark Folders

Twitter offers a feature to bookmark your favorite tweets or to check one interesting tweet later. However, when you access that part, you will have all those tweets in one list. With Twitter Blue, you will be able to create folders and think about Instagram and Facebook. Well, this feature will work just like those, organizing the bookmarks into categories for easy access. 

Undo Tweet

Oh, the drama on Twitter: sending a tweet with a grammatical error or something wrong with it. Many users have been asking for an edit option, but the bird is putting this option under the paid service and is not an edit feature per se. It’s more like an undo process within a 30 seconds limit. You can customize the time, but 30 seconds is the top limit having the option of seeing a preview of how the tweet will look like. Think of this as the same thing that you can do on Gmail. 

Reader Mode

Threads are the new trend in Twitter, especially if the tea is well served. Many users like to say I’m opening a thread to tell my story to deliver many tweets simultaneously. Still, when the thread is too long, you always will see a cut under the number of tweets and the option of load more. With Twitter Blue, you put all the tweets under threat into an easy-to-read text for a better reading experience. 

Customizable Icons and Themes

Another of the perks of this paid service is the opportunity to customize the icon on the home screen and change the app’s colors to match your general device theme. Not a bad feature if you like to change and customize everything in your device, and we are talking of more colors, not just the dark mode. 

Twitter Blue sounds like an excellent alternative, but the paid aspect is definitely what will make people wary of it. Let’s wait and see how it will be received in Canada and Australia and how it will progress among users. Keep in touch with the Magazine to learn more new updates about social media. 

Twitter Blue services

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