Women in the technology field weren’t something common. Still, nowadays, it is usual to listen to little girls talking about becoming future engineers, scientists, tech-savvy, and more. For that reason, working to empower women in tech worldwide is the main reason behind WomenTech Network, and they bring the Women Tech Conference, a virtual and global event every year. Check out more about it!

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What is Women Tech?

This is a program created by WomenTech Network, an organization that wants to change how women perceive technology. This is achieved by enabling women empowerment in the technological field: “...through leadership development, professional growth, mentorship and networking events for professionals.”

WomenTech works powered by: Coding Girls, Tech Family Ventures, and Tallocate. These three organizations come together under WomenTech to promote diversity in tech, increasing the leadership and entrepreneurship among women in tech. They present during the year different events such as diversity talks, networking, interviews, and exploration, all to connect female talents like engineers, data scientists, designers, product managers, and other tech roles. Also, here, they can find opportunities in companies that value diversity and put their same values as a top priority. 

Actually, Coding Girls is a platform that focuses on little girls while trying to close the gender gap in technology. Girls have the same rights and opportunities to shine in tech careers. After all, Coding is the future language, and those careers are the drive of the 21st century. They really want to see in the future women in important positions within the tech field. For that reason, they powered WomenTech, as a safe place for female students and recent professionals can find many opportunities. The woman behind all these movements and organizations is Anna Radulovski.

This is The Women Tech Conference

It is known as the Largest Conference for Women in Tech, which can reunite 100 thousand women under the same virtual event. This year the interactive platform featured “…live ceremonies, keynotes, engaging panels, breakout rooms, country & chapter leader sessions, technical workshops, and networking with face-to-face sessions.”

With themes such as work (R)evolution, tech innovation, and purpose, humanity, and collaboration, The Women Tech Conference wants to show how the field is changing to close the gender gap and that everybody has the same opportunities in any area. But especially to fight for those young women that want a place to shine in the tech world. Many other topics are exposed in this conference with tons of information and people to exchange ideas and thoughts. 

This year, the speakers brought women working under big companies that proved how hard work fulfills your dreams. Few of these companies are Google, Microsoft, Uber, Tesla, Disney, Amazon, Oracle, and many more. Check out a small peak at the big list of this year speakers that catch the attention of many women around the world during the days of the event:

We are already waiting to check what next year these women will bring. The world definitely needs more women in fields that are our future. Never underestimate female power. Great things can happen if we give our girls the chance to dream of becoming engineers, data scientists, tech-savvy, and any other tech profession. Keep in touch with the Magazine to learn more about how the gender gap is decreasing, and the world is becoming an equal place. 

The best of the Women Tech 2021 event.

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