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Being original and unique nowadays is a hard thing. Pretty much humans have done and seen everything. Few things need to be experienced or shown to the audience. But it’s precisely this that pushes brands to search for that unique and attractive product that could make the difference between success and failure. Keep reading to find out more about this!

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Characteristics of unique products

A unique characteristic or feature makes a product or service from a company or brand stand out among the competitors in the area. Considering that this uniqueness should translate into solving the client’s problems, giving them reasons to buy the product or request the service. Also, this appeals to your target audience. 

The best example of a unique product that solved several problems is the Apple Airpods. They proved how comfortable and practical a product can be, with the amazing aspect of being wireless, erasing all the issues that wires and cords presented. Through a Bluetooth connection, they pretty much work with any Apple device and several others. The Airpods quickly became one of the most successful products. Soon, other companies such as Samsung and Xiaomi were presenting their own versions of wireless earphones. 

A unique product must solve a problem and give the user the best experience ever. Not all it’s about the image or packaging, nowadays is solving problems while saving time and effort, and simplicity is one of the main keys for every unique and attractive product. After all, Airpods are not that flashy, but they are incredibly functional. 

Tips for creating unique products

To create a unique product, there is not one single formula to follow. It’s more about knowing your brand and audience, catching their needs and problems. Having that, you can start to think and create a product perfect for fulfilling those needs and solving those problems. But having some tips is not bad, so check out this. 

Personal Touch

Even when creating a product that will be reproduced a thousand or even a million times, giving a personal touch or story is a great way to make it unique. Continuing with the Apple example, they produce millions of their products. Still, Steve Jobs taught that giving a face to the brand makes a difference. He was very invested in the brand and in changing the lives of Apple’s users. Still, his story made Apple different from its competitors. 

Customer Interaction

Many brands create a community online using social media to have customer interactions, thus creating products or providing services adequate to those customers. For that reason, many brands are launching campaigns or modifying their strategies to have more interaction from customers and possible clients. Asking clients to take a picture with the product and upload it to social media with a specific hashtag is a kind of interaction. Still, also some products have a part in the digital world only with a quick scan. The possibilities are endless in this aspect.


One great way to make a unique product is through customization or limited editions. With customization, the demand can be high because few or none other will have that product. For example, for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Samsung gave each athlete a Galaxy S21 Limited Edition with blue and behind were engraved the Olympic Rings. That product won’t be available anywhere. The same is applied to limited editions. 


Nowadays, this is a great move to make a product unique, but few brands know how to make excellent storytelling. One of them is Oreo, the famous cookie company that knows exactly how to catch the attention and love of its audience. Also, they keep up with trends, from the Olympic Games to the Proud Month, and let’s not forget that amazing campaign for the Game of Thrones finale. 

At the end of the day, it is not so much about how unique the product is. It’s more about the motivation and what drives your company to give the best. But these tips can help to find the correct path, remember the customers are highly important in the formula to create that unique and attractive product. Keep in touch with the Magazine to find out more about products and branding!

Create unique products

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