Habilidades de un publicista: ¿cuáles tienes tú?

Habilidades de un publicista

En el mundo de la publicidad, los publicistas son clave tanto en la creación como en la difusión de mensajes persuasivos que llamen la atención del público. Contrario a lo que muchos creen, las habilidades de un publicista van más allá de simplemente promocionar un producto o servicio; implica comprender profundamente al consumidor, conocer las […]

Adapt to survive: Products that were born by mistake!

Curiosity is the mother of invention, but sometimes curiosity is not what helped inventors create their famous products. It’s more that they stumble upon those, just making some small modifications before launching them to the public. Of course, these products have become very popular and have made history. We cannot see our world without them. […]

Unconventional business ideas: succeed by thinking differently

Business ideas are everywhere, especially when we need to adapt to new things and spaces. And it’s precisely this that can bring unconventional business into the market. But do you understand what this means? Or how do they work? Keep reading to find out more about those businesses! Read: Tips for finding a good business […]

Have You Met the Robotic Dog Spot, the Coolest Machine of 2020?

The Robotics field is one of the most interesting right now. Experts are showing some innovative ideas to help in different jobs worldwide, especially those that present dangers for humans. One of the coolest robots of 2020 is Spot, designed and created by Boston Dynamics. Today we are going to show you all about it, […]

Steps to Turn an Idea into a Business

We are always thinking about great ideas, but not all have the courage or the resources to turn those ideas into a solid startup or business. Today, we will discuss how to turn an idea into a business and work with it to have a successful project and a future. Keep reading! Read: Most Used […]

What Is Agritech? A Business Boosted by the Pandemic

Technology is now a huge part of our lives. It makes life easier and simple, just by helping with the most mundane tasks, but with industries getting more and more recognition, it’s increasing productivity and innovating production processes. Agriculture is one of the world’s primary industries and the oldest human activity as a survival mechanism. […]

Advantages of Work Uniforms for a Company

Achieving an excellent corporate visual image is not a simple task; it requires a series of elements, but we must take the necessary steps to achieve it. Starting with the design, preparation, and implementation of work uniforms in our company would be a good beginning if we want our business to have an identity that […]

Decisions That Can Change Your Life: When to Undertake to Succeed?

The business world can be complicated, is not necessary to say that competition is fierce. Success is not an easy thing to reach, it requires constant effort, full dedication, established goals and a strong will to face all the obstacles in the way, taking risky decisions. “Tough choices” are the hardest to make, and there […]