Do We Really Need a Facebook National Unfriend Day?

Modelo de franquicias en Latinoamérica.

The idea to dedicate a whole day to eliminating contacts from Facebook was first proposed in 2010 by comedian and TV host Jimmy Kimmel, when he announced it on his popular talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! Although the proposal had a certain level of acceptance at first, it generated some controversy in many parts of […]

Do You Know the Latest News from LinkedIn?

Over time, LinkedIn has become a necessary platform to work on company strategies. For several years, it has been executing different improvements in the publication and design of its platform; advances that speak of the progress of this social network and that are important to create a good content strategy that allows us to make […]

Top 3 Blog Platforms

Do you want to start your career as a professional writer? Then you should know which are the best platforms for bloggers. There might be a lot of these, but we’ll recommend you only the best, so you can start working on your page today without much problem. Today’s world is full of bloggers, there […]

Happy Valentine! These Are the Best Presents That You Can Give to Your Lover

Aw! The month of love and friendship. February has come strong hitting our curious hearts towards love. Both Eros and the nymphs of love are present in this season accompanying us on our journey to love reciprocated. Celebrating this festivity is a universal custom, couples and lovers are given a present for one more year […]