Most Used Apps During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, everybody is fulfilling the mandatory quarantine, but this has shown an increase in the use of digital devices to entertain all the family at once. So today, we are going to show you the most used apps that the majority downloaded or are downloading right now! Read: The Pandemic Is Opening Up […]

Smart TV Apps that You Should Have at Home

Smart TVs are now a tool that everybody enjoys at home, but only a few know and understand everything they have to offer. It is not a complete surprise that TVs are showing apps to entertain, and for communications, it was like the next step after smartphones and tablets. Today we are showing the most […]

World Social Networks Day: Let’s Celebrate Our Day!

Every June 30 we celebrate the World Social Networks Day, created by Mashable to enlighten how the social media networks are changing the world and society. Right now is impossible to deny the impact of social media on global communications. We are connected around the world through the small screen of our devices, from smartphones […]

5 Apps You Must Have to Get Started in the World of Digital Marketing

Within the virtual world, there are endless applications, tools, and pages that allow the work of the community managers and the digital marketing agencies to be more bearable. Today we show you some of the most important or best known that every person who works or has planned to venture into this profession should have. […]