What you should know about big data if you are an entrepreneur?

There is a concept highly important known as «Big Data» in the entrepreneurship world, but what is exactly big data? A big number in a report? Or maybe some facts about the area? Well, no to any of those questions! This term goes beyond that, and it’s an incredible tool to know more about the […]

Amazon vs. Walmart: A growing rivalry

Walmart and Amazon are two of the biggest companies, brands, and stores in the US, and why not in the world. Many people know about them and buy from them, but they are interested in a commerce and marketing perspective. Even when they started from different business areas, both have faced ups and downs, creating […]

Scams and frauds that every entrepreneur should avoid

The amazing world of entrepreneurship is not the utopia that many think. Contrary to popular belief being an entrepreneur is more about taking risks, facing challenges, and worrying about everything, especially scams. Of course, this has its own benefits, but the cost can be high; jumping into this world is for brave people. Today we […]

Here is all 786 Group has to offer

Today we want to give you a small peek at what our mother company offers and how we work as a team. 786 Group is a company dedicated to many areas, with products and services around different teams and branches, but we are all connected one way or another. With this article, we hope that […]

Technological tools that every entrepreneur must have

A digital world is a new norm, especially for entrepreneurs, but sometimes technology can be a little overwhelming. However, there are some technological tools that every entrepreneur must know and understand how to use. For that reason, today, we are going to show you several of those technologies in the entrepreneurship world because it’s never […]

Tips for finding a good business partner

In the world of entrepreneurs, a business partner is essential not just because they can help in the economic aspect but also the burden of the company can be handled between them. However, choosing the right partner is a challenging path, and there are many reasons and details to consider before making the final decision. […]

Henry Ford: what we can learn from his success story

Henry Ford is considered one of the most successful entrepreneurs of American History. There is so much that we can learn from his story, not only about the company that nowadays is still one of the major players in the automobile field but also it’s about his personality traits as a man that can teach […]

Sources of inspiration for business and entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a hard road. It will never be an easy dream, but everything will present the best result with the correct motivation. However, as happened with every aspect of your life, getting into a business yourself or with a partner will need inspiration and creativity. Today, we will discuss sources of inspiration for business […]

This is all you need to know about smart money

Smart money is a term widely known in the gambling world, but nowadays, it is highly used in finances to talk about money controlled by prominent investors, including central banks. But not just that, smart money goes beyond the numbers. It can offer connections and valuable advice to have a successful business. Keep reading to […]

What No One Tells You About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a word that is pretty common nowadays, but talking about it will never be the same as putting it in practice. Today we show some dark truths about entrepreneurship not to discourage you, but to give a real perspective. Keep reading! Read: Telemedicine: A Business that Will Grow After the Pandemic Why is […]

Steps to Turn an Idea into a Business

We are always thinking about great ideas, but not all have the courage or the resources to turn those ideas into a solid startup or business. Today, we will discuss how to turn an idea into a business and work with it to have a successful project and a future. Keep reading! Read: Most Used […]

Become an expert with these Bitcoin movies

Bitcoin is a new payment system taking the world by surprise. At the same time, there are so many misunderstandings and concerns because everything about money is a tricky subject. But today we give you a list of several Bitcoin movies or documentaries to better comprehend this «new money» that in a few years can […]

Why Is Ergonomics Important for Product Design?

Nowadays, ergonomics is an important part of any workplace. This is a study that has been taking place more and more in job environments. Many companies understand that this science can make the difference in a job well done. But do you know what ergonomics implied? And why is it so important? Keep reading to […]

Industrial Design: The Key to Apple’s Success

Industrial design moves today’s big manufacturers, but one of the best successful companies in the world, that showcase how to present an excellent industrial design is Apple. If you want to know more about why this is so important for their success, keep reading! What is industrial design? This is an area dedicated to different […]

Tips to Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement

LinkedIn is a social media platform that not many people fully understand. This platform was created to help professionals to have a network within their professional world or with businesses. But many users or marketers need to know how the engagement on LinkedIn is and how to improve it. For that reason today we are […]

How to Create an “About Us» or “About Me» Page

An about us page is one of those parts that every user can find on a website or blog. But do we really understand why websites need this kind of page? Today, here in 786 Magazine, we are going to explain what is an about us page and how to create one. Keep reading to […]

Influencers: An Increasingly Lucrative Job

Influencers are those internet personalities getting more and more followers, thanks to their attractive or funny content on social media platforms, like YouTube or Instagram. They can influence their followers to make a new challenge, in the format of a short video, from making an action to dance a song, and upload it on their […]

How to Design a Logo for Your Brand

Following our articles about your brand’s identity, today, we are going to talk about the logo, which can portray the name and colors of the brand. Learning how to design a logo is not that difficult, but like every element about your brand’s identity, having the final decision will prove to be a hard task. […]

How to Choose the Name of Your Company or Brand

One of the most difficult parts starting a business is deciding a name for the brand; this will give identity and secure a position for the business. But putting a name to the brand can present many challenges, you can feel a lack of creativity, with doubts about the name. Today, at 786 Magazine, we […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Importance of Rest for More Efficient Work

With today’s lifestyle, our jobs have become an essential aspect of our lives. But, when you dedicated so many hours to it, without a few rest in between, that can generate terrible consequences. One of those is chronic fatigue syndrome when you will always feel tired, and your productivity will drop to its lowest levels.  […]